BOS provides hybrid solar energy solutions to bring light into health centers in Mozambique


With the BOS Battery S, the Hymer Smart Battery System has been updated and can now be found in all new models such as the Venture S.

BOS provided a hybrid power system for the Yachtcharter business in Croatia.

Saving the Swamper – Utila

Environmentally conscious and reliable power supply through solar systems.

We are building a clean energy infrastructure for remote villages in Ethiopia together with Differ Community Power and GIZ.

In 2022, BOS partnered with GoGridless, a local installer and Norwegian project developer Differ Community Power. Together, we installed a solar island system. To ensure that Luuk Hospital has a self-sufficient power supply.

BOS and its partners are working on building a clean energy infrastructure at healthcare facilities across the global south.

BOS proposed a solution which reduced the energy consumption and also added stability and reliability to the critical loads.

Orangutan Haven

Together with our partner Alva Energi, an off-grid system was conceptualized to meet the energy demands of the OUH islands.

PV in Gosbach

By installing one of our pv systems, customers can produce most of their own energy requirements and it has a better ecological footprint.

BOS has been implementing projects in tourism sector, helping hotels and resorts go solar, and save costs by reducing energy bills.

Refugee tents with power

To support the World Food Programme, we equipped refugee tents from Hallgruppen with our turnkey BOS solar storage solution.

The many huts in the beautiful nature of norway are far away from electricity connection, thus the hut owner needs a working pv system.

Sailboat Windzang

Because of the LE300 hybrid system, Peter Reinmann is able to enjoy longer trips on the water without returning for recharge.

Solar Energy for Honduras

The tourism business can now be entirely powered by renewable energy, without compromising the needs or comfort of the guests.

Kenti Island

To avoid running diesel generators, BOS proposed a lithium retrofit to the same system that previously was not enough for the growing village.

BOS installed a solar system with lithium batteries, enough to cover the needs of the health center and to support it during bad weather days.

As part of the project, 450 stores in the Iponri market in Lagos now benefit from a renewable and stable power supply.

This project was one of the first mini-grids in Nigeria, since then the shops in the market never had to switch on the diesel genset.

Hymer cooperation

Hymer Cooperation Build to discover the mobile world​ Together with Erwin Hymer Group, the BOS AG has enabled thousands of

Thanks to the intelligent DC mini grid and renewable electricity produced, 100 households’ basic electrification needs were covered.

Health care in rural African regions is a big challenge. With BOS Hybrid Systems the health posts and the doctor housing get power.