Chartering Croatia with Hybrid Power

Providing smart battery systems for the Yachtcharter business

Longer durability and excellent performance even though low weight

Yachtcharter businesses often run their sailboats energy system with lead-acid batteries which comes with its own set of challenges: Sulfation and issues related to deep discharge, affect their longevity and performance while upgrading capacity can be a hassle due to their weight which can cause further problems for clients that have a higher energy demand. The Yachtcharter Pitter saw a solution in the LE300 and equipped parts of their fleet with the smart battery system.

Higher capacity without any additional costs or equipment

„The biggest benefit of the LE300 is the expansion of the current capacity without additional costs for chargers and any additional equipment.“ says Ante Brzić, COO of Pitter Yachtcharter. „We want to offer our clients a long stay at sea without having to worry about power consumption“. That is why the company installed a total of 56 modules of the LE300 in parts of their fleet.

The intelligent solution for flexibility

The intelligent solution of the LE300 Smart Battery, which combines lead-acid and lithium batteries, provides an ideal solution for the yachtcharters. The battery can be easily integrated into existing lead-acid battery systems without taking much space, greatly improving the efficiency and efficiency of the power supply on board charter yachts.

Biograd, Croatia



18 kWh installed lithium capacity