The best of two technologies

Upgrade your lead-acid battery to a lithium hybrid system

LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4

LE300 - Smart Battery System

The intelligent lithium battery to combine with lead

The LE300 Smart Battery System is a lithium extension for any 12 V lead-acid battery, whether AGM, GEL, or wet cell. The compact design, modularity, scalability, and smart technology allow the LE300 Smart Battery System to be used for any application and capacity need, from solar home systems to mobile applications such as motorhomes and boats.

12 V

System voltage

Plug & Play

The lithium extension battery LE300 can simply be connected to the plus and minus pole of the existing 12 V lead-acid battery. Unlike switching to pure lithium batteries, no charging technology needs to be changed. True plug & play makes it easier and safer to expand lithium capacity to experience self-sufficiency and travel freedom anew.

Designed to discover the world

LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4

Quality made in Germany

Smart Battery Systems are engineered and manufactured in Germany, with a passion for quality in every detail. The LE300 can compete with the highest safety standards. Consequently, it holds a wide range of certifications, including the E1 mark for secure use in motor vehicles. The LiFeP04 high-performance lithium cells are rated among the safest in the industry and are fully tested by engineers before installation. Protected by a range of safety mechanisms such as overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, deep discharge, and wrong polarity protection.

LE300-certificats (1)

Smart BMS algorithms

The integrated high-performance BOS battery management system takes care of protecting and balancing the lithium cells while monitoring the lead-acid battery. The patented hybrid technology uses advanced algorithms to optimize the use of capacity and charging cycles of both batteries in the long term.

Extended lifetime up to 10 years

In normal lead-acid systems, batteries often fail within one to three years due to limited cycle life and sulphation caused by continuous operation without a full charge. The intelligent distribution of loads and capacity in the LE300 solves these problems and extends the life of all batteries to up to 10 years.

Backup for new adventures

322 Wh

usable capacity (nominal 358 Wh)

LiFePo4 Lithium Cells

When using the latest LiFePo4 lithium cells, safety clearly comes first. Due to the compounds structure, the cells are thermally and chemically absolutely stable and do not deform in any way, preventing them from igniting or exploding. Therefore they are considered the safest and longest-lasting lithium cells on the market and have the highest reliable cycle numbers. 

LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4
LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4

Modular systems are to invest little but dream big

The intelligent battery system shows its true strength when several LE300 modules are combined. The increased capacity changes the possibilities of traveling to undiscovered places and enables more independence and freedom than ever before. Multiple LE300s are easy to connect to each other. Even though life and needs may change, more modules can be added in the future. 

Redundant BMS systems

Much effort is invested in redundant power supply, but the failure of the only battery management system remains the major weak point. In the BOS Smart Battery System, each LE300 module has its own built-in BMS. This ensures that the power supply is redundantly covered by multiple backups.

The BOS hybrid technology powers even the biggest load peaks from the lead-acid battery without any limits or unexpected system shutdowns, with LE300 supporting the lead-acid battery. In contrast, with pure lithium systems, huge load peaks can be limited by the BMS design limiting the current or showing error messages.

Winterproof down to -20°C

Enjoy cozy hours inside the warmth while the battery masters the freezing cold. Thanks to integrated cell heating in combination with a temperature sensor, the LE300 Smart Battery System can be used even in sub-zero temperatures without damage or energy loss. 

Furthermore, for overwintering, the Smart Battery System keeps the attached lead-acid battery fully charged for months. This allows the system to be carefree during the winter without causing irreparable damage to the lead-acid battery, due to deep discharge.

LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4 cell heating
LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4

3.4 kg

Weight per module

A LE300 saves the last gram, which brings enormous weight savings compared to a pure lead system. In addition, the compact modules can also be installed separately from each other in small spaces. No matter if lying, standing, or overhead, if space is valuable, these options are superior.

Lithium Energy Storage, LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4
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