Hybrid marine power system

The LE300 stands as a robust solution for marine vessels, seamlessly integrating with the marine electrical system to power on-board equipment. By extending existing lead-acid battery systems with our 12v lithium marine battery, the LE300 ensures a reliable power supply for a variety of marine electronics, from navigation systems to communication devices.

The smart Battery Management System (BMS) at the core of the LE300 manages and optimizes the charge cycles. This synergistic approach enhances the efficiency of both the lithium and lead-acid batteries, reducing the risk of failure of the lead-acid battery. The reliability provided by the LE300 eliminates the worry of power outages at sea, thus minimizing the need for off-shore maintenance.

Recreational vehicles

The LE300 Smart Battery System is the perfect addition to an existing lead-acid leisure battery system in an RV or motorhome. With simple plug and play installation, a second battery is added and more capacity is available for the daily loads powered by the LE300, while the AGM or gel battery is kept at a high state of charge (SoC), effectively preventing sulphation and deep discharge. This is done via the Battery Management System (BMS) and can extend battery life by up to 10 years.
Hymer has been using the Smart Battery System for years. Now they rely on the new flagship – the BOS battery S.

Saving electricity for solar kiosks

A solar powered kiosk or newsstand needs an energy storage in order to have power on cloudy days and at night when there is no solar energy sourced. For that the Hybrid System consisting of LE300 and a lead acid-battery can be the solution for this use case. Excess power is stored and usable for loads at night, allowing owners to extend business hours and refrigerate perishable foods uninterrupted. 

This power solution effectively grants independence from the public grid and can contribute to energy savings.

Lithium Energy Storage, LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, Smart Battery System, LiFePO4
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