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Power to discover the world

BOS on-board batteries enable freedom where power is far away and absolute reliability of electricity is crucial. BOS smart battery systems provide the backing to dare new ventures and explore the world with  innovations like swappable lithium batteries or hybrid systems that combine lithium and lead-acid batteries.

Energy independence powered by sunlight

Solar installation and home storage

BOS provides the professional installation of photovoltaic systems on home roofs or commercial sites, increasing the independence from the electricity grid and rising prices. BOS home storage units are designed to make solar energy available at any time – at night, during bad weather or in the event of a power outage.

PV Installation

Electricity where it was impossible

Trusted offgrid and minigrid solutions

Off-grid systems provide environmentally friendly electricity where there wasn’t any before and thereby relieve the everyday struggles of the people. The thoughtfully engineered energy storage systems are designed as turnkey solutions making it easy to build and maintain systems up to 300 kWh in challenging and remote areas. In the process, BOS supports customers as an expert and technical partner for customized systems in the commercial and development sector up to capacities in the MWh range.

Powering health centers in Malawi

BOS Stories

BOS products are part of the solution to challenges big and small. Exciting stories about people and our planet evolve from it, stories that we love to share.

All about BOS

BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG is a young high-tech company based in Germany. The focus on innovation in smart load management and reliable battery management systems, made BOS energy storage systems and batteries one of the most popular in their market. With a total installed capacity of more than 22 MWh, BOS has become one of the pioneers in storing clean and affordable energy worldwide.