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We are a German manufacturer of energy storage systems – experts in bankable off-grid solutions and technology partner for innovative hybrid batteries.

Batteries for Boats and Caravans

boats, caravan & more

BOS Lithium Extension Batteries with Lithium (LiFePO4) cells can extend a classic lead acid battery. They are designed for caravans, boats, traffic systems and other mobile applications.

Energy Storage Systems

BOS' Energy solutions are turnkey, easy to install modular solutions perfectly designed for remote and rural minigrids offering reliable energy service at least cost of energy.


BOS supports communities by providing long-lasting energy for rural and semi-rural areas. Community buildings like health facilities and schools can be equipped with BOS' energy solutions.

solar home systems

BOS' product range for Solar Home Systems are bankable solutions with Li-Pb at affordable prices. It can get integrated with diesel generators, grid energy or lead acid batteries as back-up.

hybrid applications

BOS Hybrid Solutions offer independence from fossil fuels with clean and cheap power from PV combined together with a unique combination of Lithium-Lead acid batteries.

BOS Smart Battery System with Lithium LiFePO4 cells. They are designed for Caravans, boats and many more.


BOS Energy Storage System, an out-of-the-box solution, that is fully scalable. They are used for residential, community facilities, businesses, hotels, mini grids and many more.


We develop customized systems to face the special challenges in industrial use and mini grids.

We are a German manufacturer of energy storage systems – experts in bankable off-grid solutions and technology partner for innovative hybrid batteries.

It's about real change

Clean and affordable energy is both a challenge and an answer to one of the most pressing questions of our society. With our projects we prove that it is possible today and the Technology is available global.

make the impossible possible.

Due to the many years of experience of our large team in the energy industry and off-grid sector, we are able to develop products at the pulse of time. It is equally important for us to work for a positive balance between people, planet and profit. Thanks to the trust and support of our investors, we are constantly working on generate positive returns in each of these areas. Feel free to contact us and become part of BOS.

Benjamin Seckinger - CEO
Thomas Kündiger
Thomas Kündiger - Chief Technology Manager
André Schuhmacher
André Schuhmacher - Chief Quality Manager
Fabian Weber
Fabian Weber - Chief Operating Officer

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