BOS battery S

Designed for an innovative multi-use concept

LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Ionen Batterie


The smart battery system to run lithium in hybrid mode with lead-acid

LE300 Lithium Batteriespeicher, BOS AG

Solar home storage

Expert in solar panel installation and storage systems in Germany

Powering health centers in Malawi

BOS and its partners are working on building a clean energy infrastructure at healthcare facilities across the global south.

Energy independence with solar energy

BOS proposed a solution which reduced the energy consumption and also added stability and reliability to the critical loads.

It's about real change - empowering renewable energy

BOS AG empowers their partners in Africa, Australia and around the world to master the challenges of running on renewable energy. With its expertise in the energy industry, BOS AG has been developing solutions which are reliable, failproof, safe and easy to install.

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Sustainability - that is all of us together

BOS AG is a German manufacturer and developer of hybrid battery energy storage technology and expert in solar energy and lithium ion based battery systems. Enabling freedom where power is far away and absolute reliability of electricity is crucial.

A focus on innovation in smart load management and knowledge of the importance of a reliable battery management system – these factors made the energy storage systems and batteries of the BOS one of the most popular in the caravan and boat industry in the EU.

With a total installed capacity of more than 12MWh, BOS has been one of the pioneers in battery energy storage systems and successful worldwide. With the stored energy of clean and affordable solar power, the batteries offer independence from poor electricity grid, diesel genset and other sources.

Renewable electricity generation needs a
battery storage system

The world is changing rapidly. Time is pressing for an energy transition to clean energy. Power generation from fossil fuel power plants needs to be drastically reduced. Renewable energy can and is being generated in large quantities in wind turbines and solar farms today.

But the generated power is not enough to solve the challenge. To continuously supply stored power when renwably sourced energy fluctuates, long-term storage with a sufficient total capacity is needed.

Together with the customers, the BOS wants to make a contribution to environmentally friendly energy production. This is done by developing the missing component of battery energy storage systems in order to be able to provide continuous power even with renewable sources. 

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