Childbirth at flashlight is now history

Thanks to solar power solutions, hospitals in Mozambique can now enjoy stable energy 

A reliable electricity for 37 healthcare centers

In the heart of Mozambique’s Inhambane region, a transformative initiative is taking shape, one that is illuminating lives and empowering communities. Collaborating with Mitra Energy, Energia Positiva, and Nishati Renewables, we offered solar energy solutions to electrify 37 off-grid healthcare centers. BOS offered an integrated solution with 800 Wp PV panels, 2.5 kWh batteries, and compact 800 VA inverters, which are remotely monitored for performance and maintenance, making sure they are up and running 24×7. Overcoming geographical barriers, our dedicated team traversed a total of 8,000 kilometers across the expansive landscape of Inhambane. Spanning 13 districts, our mission reached far and wide, touching the lives of approximately 340,000 people who now benefit from reliable access to electricity in their local healthcare facilities.

Medical care couldn't be provided proper without electricity

Imagine trying to provide medical care without electricity. It’s not just about powering medical equipment; it’s about the basic necessities, like having enough light to deliver a baby safely at night. For these healthcare workers, it meant relying on the dim glow of a phone’s flashlight because there was no electricity for proper lighting. The struggle didn’t end there. Communicating with colleagues and reporting vital health data became a logistical nightmare when their phones constantly ran out of charge. They had to make long trips back to hotels just to recharge, delaying important updates and causing frustration.

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Improved communication and a stable power supply for key equipment thanks to the electricity installation

But amidst the challenges, there was hope. The installation of electricity in the health center was a game-changer. It wasn’t just about flipping a switch; it was about bringing hope to a community that had long been in the dark. With electricity, healthcare workers could power essential equipment, communicate more effectively, and provide better care to their patients. It was a moment of pride and accomplishment for the community. It was a symbol of progress and a brighter future for healthcare in remote areas like Bazaruto. And above all, it was a testament to the resilience and dedication of healthcare workers who continue to serve their communities, no matter the obstacles.

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Bazaruto, Mozambique


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29.6 kWp of solar PV
29.6 kVA of Inverter Power
92.5 kWh installed lithium capacity