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»Our work is aligned to a circular economic strategy from product development to recycling «

Sustainability for energy storage is about much more than just using renewable resources for the stored energy and recycling the materials at the end. It is about influencing sustainability at every stage of a product’s life cycle. At BOS we work with the full cycle approach, in which the key innovations are implemented during the product development stage to enable multi-use in different applications, a second life in developing countries and finally more recycling. Our infrastructure creates full transparency from the supply chain and production to the product life itself through seamless traceability of all components and touchpoints.

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Discover more exciting stories about our impact on people and communities

It was the initial passion for the launch of BOS: to sustainably help people without access to renewable energy. To this day, this is still deeply rooted in what we do, enabling us to implement increasingly larger projects. We believe that these stories are to encourage, inspire and share with the world.

Starting with a vision of making the world a brighter place for everyone

Young entrepreneurs, students and experienced solar enthusiasts came together and started to develop an off-grid energy storage system for emerging countries. Co-founder Benjamin Seckinger heads the local group of "Engineers without Borders" and recognises that not only affordable energy storage systems that are easy to install are needed to help sustainably, but primarily a business case for the manufacturer as well as for the local people to avoid solar graveyards.

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The lithium lead concept is gaining traction

The first off-grid projects in Africa are being successfully realised with hybrid systems using lead and lithium, including various small health stations. It is evident at this stage that the concept works.

First project in MWh scale delivered

By now BOS offers off-grid systems of all sizes. From simple homes to small businesses and hospitals to large minigrids. The electrification of Sabon Gari market in Nigeria with 1,6 MWh lithium capacity was the first realised MWh project. This was followed by many more markets in Nigeria. 

The cooperation with Hymer marks the entry into the leisure vehicle market

The innovations and expertise of BOS in the off-grid market are also in demand in the field of on-board electrics for leisure vehicles. Together with HYMER, the largest motorhome manufacturer in Europe, BOS launched the LE300, the first hybrid system (lithium + lead) for the European mobile home market. This was soon followed by the application on sailing boats and yachts.

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50k units sold - profitable for the first year

With more than 50,000 systems sold, BOS celebrates the point of break-even and is now profitable and able to report growing profits.

BOS battery S at METSTRADE
Introducing the next generation of batteries for leisure, home storage and industrial users.

While BOS is constantly improved its portfolio for off-grid systems over the years, it needed 3 years of research and development to launch the BOS battery S. The next generation battery with an innovative multi-use concept, is on its way of becoming the new standard in motorhomes, but is also enjoying increased popularity in other high-end leisure or industry off-grid applications.

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BOS ventures into new markets

BOS is utilising its remarkable expertise, having sold over 120,000 battery systems to date, and venture into new markets. In particular, the need for quick and easy installation of all-in-one systems gives BOS the opportunity to utilise its experience.

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