Travel with Hymer Venture S

The advanced Hymer-Smart-Battery-System 

Continuous improvement for greater experiences

The Hymer Smart Battery System experienced its breakthrough with the popular LE300 batteries, which give people more flexibility and freedom when it comes to their energy supply when traveling. Thanks to the intelligent combination of an existing lead-acid battery and the LE300 battery, almost all capacity requirements could easily be met. Now Hymer and BOS have developed another exciting innovation. This innovation promises to raise the standards for mobile energy supply and offers users even more ways to optimize their power supply.

Not resting on its past successes, the partnership continued to push the boundaries, resulting in the launch of the advanced Hymer Smart-Battery-System 2.0. This upgrade, available in newer models such as the Hymer Venture S, features the lithium-ion BOS battery S, launched in 2023. This robust, high-capacity energy storage solution redefines travel autonomy, allowing you to go further and stay longer in your chosen retreat. It‘s more than a simple upgrade; it‘s a new chapter in caravaning, a testament to the continuous innovation of both the Erwin Hymer Group and BOS. It invites caravaning enthusiasts to experience greater freedom and autonomy when travelling, exploring the beauty of the open road with added comfort and peace of mind.

Unlimited applications and compact design

The revolutionary design of the Battery S enables unlimited application possibilities and unsurpassed space efficiency. At the same time, the unique technology ensures a highly advanced battery management system. It can also be used in combination with lead batteries by switching the battery management system from pure lithium mode to the patented hybrid mode. The lithium-ion battery has a modular design so that it can be exchanged between different locations and applications with different voltages. With its LiFEPO4 cells, it has the highest level of safety.

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