Saving the Swamper

A solar system for the Iguana Research and Breeding Station

A secure and independant electricity system

Perched atop a hill overlooking the town center, the Iguana Research and Breeding Station holds a dedicated mission: the preservation and study of the critically endangered Utila Iguana, affectionately known as the „Swamper“ among local communities.

The station‘s invaluable work relies heavily on a consistent and reliable power supply. However, Utila, being an island, has never been connected to the utility grid, leaving its residents dependent on diesel generators to meet their energy needs. This dependence not only resulted in environmental pollution but also escalated operational costs for the station. Furthermore, the emissions, noise, and vibrations from these generators presented an added challenge, affecting the well-being of the Swamper and impeding research efforts.

Efficient electricity supply with lower costs

To address these challenges and reduce both environmental impact and operational expenses, the station took a sustainable leap forward. They installed a standalone solar system with a capacity of 9.99 kWp, harnessing Utila‘s abundant sunshine as a clean and renewable energy source. This solar system not only provides consistent power but also significantly lowers operating costs. This transformation underscores the station‘s commitment to safeguarding the Swamper and fostering a more sustainable future for both the species and the island‘s environment.

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Utila, Honduras

Offgrid | Mini-grid

10 kWh  installed lithium capacity

9.99 kWp solar PV