Orangutan Haven

Orangutan Haven: an eco-friendly semi wild sanctuary​

Orangutan Haven combines nature conservation with opportunities for further research. Moreover, it provides education of the wider public about the effects of palm oil plantation on the future of these intelligent apes, and other species. Fortyeight hectares of wetland valley have been redeveloped to provide nine moated islands. Those islands are currently the home of eight Orangutans. For probably at least another 50 years the animals can live their life here in peace. These Orangutans have all been harmed by human action.

The park is intended to educate people about the threat to the rain forest, and the ecosystem

The hunger for palm oil has replaced the lush green rain forests in Asian countries with palm oil plantations. As a result of this development, many wild animals lost their home. The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), was established as an education and rescue park, a sanctuary for injured and endangered Orangutans in the middle of the Sumatran Rain Forest – Orangutan Haven (OUH). As one of the first in the world, OUH helps in conserving nature and sustainable development in a unique way. The park utilizes green materials (bamboo, palm leaves, river rocks, timber and earth friendly materials) for its construction and solar power for its energy needs. Together with our partner Alva Energi, an off-grid system was conceptualized to meet the energy demands of the OUH islands. These include four Orangutan houses, a staff canteen, a security post and sanitary facilities.

The prime objective was being able to supply electricity as soon as possible and modularly expand as the demand grows in the future. Apart from this off-grid system, the park also has a micro-hydropower plant which generates 6.5kW of power and provides about 10% of the energy needs of the park. OUH is a wild yet safe home for the majestic Orangutans.

Read more about the project in the blog, featured by victron energy.

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Sumatra, Indonesia


Offgrid | Eco-Tourism

6.2kWp of solar PV
15 kVA of Inverter Power
30kWh installed lithium capacity