Bringing Electricity to Ethiopia

Providing off-grid energy systems to remote villages

Ethiopia's Solar Revolution: Powering Villages, Changing Lives

A groundbreaking initiative in Ethiopia is transforming the energy landscape by electrifying five rural villages across three regions, illuminating close to 4,000 homes and businesses. Boasting a potent solar capacity of 650 kWp and 1.6 MWh of lithium battery storage, the project serves as a beacon for sustainable energy solutions and a brighter future in the country. By utilizing renewable energy, the endeavor not only reduces carbon emissions but also offers a scalable model that could inspire similar projects elsewhere. This shift toward sustainability holds the potential to dramatically improve quality of life, while advancing Ethiopia’s standing as a leader in green energy.

German Engineering and BOS Expertise

We are thrilled to announce that BOS has emerged as the successful bidder for a minigrid tender floated by GIZ. Our winning combination of top-notch German engineering and expertise in solar  solutions ensures that quality and affordability go hand in hand. As we embark on this journey to electrify and empower communities in Ethiopia, we are committed to delivering solar solutions that make a lasting difference in people‘s lives. 


Undertaking a project of this magnitude comes with its share of challenges, from rugged and remote terrains to logistical complexities. Drawing from our extensive experience in executing projects across Africa, we designed pre-built solutions catering to the requirements of each individual site. The ingenuity of pre-built, well-engineered German solutions proved to be a game-changer. These meticulously crafted systems, conceived with precision, arrived on-site ready to be installed. The modularity and standardized design allowed for seamless integration, sidestepping the complexities of on-site construction. These tailored solutions not only saved valuable time but also ensured that the project could be executed smoothly even in remote areas.

A new chapter for businesses thanks to solar power

In the Oromia village of Oborso, Ethiopia, Rahel owns a cozy cafe that thrives during the day. Once dark, she relies on a noisy diesel generator to keep her cafe running. Now, with the new solar minigrid, Rahel‘s cafe is set to change. She‘s excited about having reliable electricity without the generator‘s noise. With this newfound energy, Rahel dreams of expanding her business, offering cold beverages and more to her customers. This new energy source isn‘t just about lights; it‘s about making Rahel‘s dreams come true, turning her cafe into a warm and inviting place that can offer even more to her community.

Solar Minigrids: Reliable, Cost-effective, and Clean

In Ethiopia, solar minigrids are doing more than just illuminating homes; they‘re irrigating dreams and nurturing progress. For women who once walked miles for water, the hum of water pumps brings relief, empowerment, and the access to clean water. Healthcare, once limited by power cuts, now finds a lifeline in consistent energy, allowing clinics to offer wide range of services. And as fields flourish under the gentle touch of irrigation increasing self-reliance, reducing dependence on distant regions and ushering in an era of local abundance. 

What‘s more, these minigrids are proving to be not just sources of light, but also cost-effective alternatives to extending the grid. The process of grid expansion is time-consuming and often plagued by the unreliability stemming from supply-demand imbalances. In the face of natural disasters, the distribution infrastructure is susceptible to damage, leading to disconnections. In contrast, minigrids are increasingly recognized as dependable sources of clean, affordable, and consistent energy. They offer communities a brighter and more sustainable present in Ethiopia, sidestepping the challenges of traditional grid extension and fostering reliable energy access.

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650 kWp of solar PV
980 kVA of Inverter Power
1,3 MWh installed lithium capacity