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Honduras offers dream like beaches and almost untouched jungle. Together with its fascinating underwater world, the bay islands are a real insider tip for a holi-day in the Caribbean. However, tourism in Honduras is struggling due to unrelibale grid power. The only option to get reliable power are noisy and smokey diesel generators, which are expensive to operate, due to very high fuel costs on the remote islands.

Island tourism: from diesel generators to green energy

Many of the remote resorts and hotels primarily rely on diesel generators, thinking solar energy is expensive. That is not the case anymore, solar module and battery prices have fallen by more than 60-80% in the last decade and the costs for fuel is ever increasing. Solar energy is not just affordable, but also offers increased power security, low maintenance, and zero carbon emissions.

Solar systems with photovoltaic panels and a lithium storage system have been installed in all locations. This ensures energy supply at night and by unfavourable weather conditions. Existing energy sources like the power grid or diesel generators will be used as an optional backup. Local experts have been trained to install and maintain the systems.

The tourism business on the Bay Islands can now be entirely powered by renewable energy, without compromising the needs or comfort of the guests.

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Bay Island, Honduras


Offgrid | Eco-Tourism

44 kWp of solar PV
25 kVA of Inverter Power
51,2 kWh installed lithium capacity


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