Winter sports powered by solar energy​

Have you ever been skiing in remote mountains and noticed that the facility was powered with a diesel generator? This is very often the case. Eco-tourism has been gaining prominence with travellers becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint. Nowadays it is not just about getting a green label, it also means cost savings and energy independence. BOS has been implementing projects in tourism sector, helping hotels and resorts go solar, and save costs by reducing energy bills. With the right system design, adopting energy management and effi ciency measures, it is possible to cover the majority of the energy needs with a solar system. This ski resort in Norway was considering solar to help power their operations, reduce expenses on energy, and reduce the carbon footprint.

The future of eco-tourism: solar powered skiing

Nordic regions typically have reduced sunshine hours in winter. Therefore, it is a challenge to maximize the solar generation. A double axis tracker was installed to track the movement of sun and to harvest maximum solar energy. But what if the sun does not shine at all, as it is in Norway some days? The project has additional battery backup to cover such days. However, during the times of extended cloudy days a diesel genset will power the resort and charge the batteries.

Vestfold, Norway


Offgrid | Eco-Tourism

45 kWp of solar PV
40 kWA of Inverter Power
38 kWh installed lithium capacity