LE300 on a north-cup rally


Driving from Lake Constance, over Russia to the North Cape and back, was a special experience for our BOS Electronic Developer Lars and his team Schwabenstahl Volvo Power. With temperatures down to -27°C the Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition was probably the coldest rally in the world. Additionally, being on road with more than 20 years old Volvos, without any GPS and no highways allowed, the rally had his challenges. For 16 days the cars became their chosen transport and homes. But especially at this trip, there was not completely everything old fashioned.

The LE300 was connected to the lead-acid car battery and thus formed a hybrid system. The higher capacity allowed six mobile phones, a laptop, a camera to be charged and a small printer to be powered. At night, the cars could stay off for charging the devices. This set up saved them more than 2 extra hours of keeping the cars up running.

In the extreme circumstances of the rally, the usage of the LE300 was a small measure with a high impact on comfort. The result shows that the LE300 can handle extremely low temperatures. The drivers were able to admire the beautiful northern lights and landscape. Thanks to the power supply, Lars was able to capture the moments and shared them with us. Look at the exciting pictures from his rally team members.

Free FM radio interview with CEO Benjamin Seckinger

Profit is important for a company, but in order to move forward in a meaningful way, the aspects People and Planet must be taken into account and optimized equally.

Our CEO Benjamin Seckinger tells in a radio interview with Free FM how he wants to turn a business idea into a real sustainable change. Listen to the whole interview (the interview is in German) from the show “Lokaltermin” with radio presenter Lotte Stevens


Solar energy for Honduras with German solar systems

BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG is entering the Honduran energy market. Through its pilot projects they are installing the first solar storage systems that have been specially adapted for the Latin American market. As part of the Renewable Energy Solutions (RES) programme of the German Energy Agency (dena), the young company from Bavaria, along with its local partner Innovative Business Solutions (IBS), has installed five of its HS business10 systems in hotels and town halls. Each of the all-in-one systems has 10240Wh of lithium storage and the solar electronics required.


Solar energy excitement in Nigeria

The succesful mini grid and micro utility projects are technically robust, commercially attractive and sustainable in long-term. One such minigrid was installed in Nigeria in the sprawling Sabon Gari market (Kano) with 1.6 MWp of PV with 1.6MWhr Lithium storage from BOS AG. More details on the following blog by our technology partner Victron Energy! Read the full blog here



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