Mini-grids for communities & villages

In the quest for rural electrification, the BOS system pro emerges as a pivotal solution for villages seeking independence through solar rural electrification. Designed to overcome the challenges of rural electrification, our system facilitates the creation of solar mini-grids that power communities with green, renewable energy. As a cost-effective and sustainable alternative, the BOS system pro is engineered to meet the demands of daily life and energize rural electrification projects, embodying BOS’ dedication to transformative energy planning.

Commercial & Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

With the BOS system pro BOS is delivering a top-tier solar solution to power small- to mid-sized commercial and industrial facilities, including small manufacturing units and modern garment factories. Our offerings, from solar panel installations for commercial buildings to specialized setups for assembly line production, emphasize cost-efficiency and sustainable operation. Entities such as CNC solutions providers and sewing factories benefit from a reliable, green energy supply, ensuring their manufacturing lines and factory floors are always powered for productivity.

Lighting up education at schools and universities

At universities in the Global South, where cutting-edge research meets the vibrant energy of student life, the BOS system pro is the cornerstone of independent renewable energy. With its high lithium capacity and robust inverter performance, this system is tailored to the demanding energy requirements of university campuses, providing reliable solar power to science lab equipment and student dormitories. The BOS system pro ensures energy independence by providing consistent, sustainable power to support a wide range of educational and residential infrastructure.

Healthcare electrification

In healthcare settings, particularly within rural health clinics and centers in the global south, reliable power is vital. The BOS system pro serves as a standalone energy system, offering a scalable and flexible solution for healthcare electrification. Engineered for both small and large-scale applications, this solar PV system integrates seamlessly, ensuring hospital power grids are supported by clean, sustainable energy. With its modular design, the BOS system pro adapts to the evolving energy needs of medical rural health services, promoting resilience and reliability in healthcare delivery.

Powering local marketplaces

The BOS system pro provides reliable solar power for marketplaces, supporting the energy needs of various small businesses. This commercial off-grid solar system is an effective alternative to generators, providing energy independence for cafes and hair salons where consistent power is essential for daily operations. For clothing stores that require well-lit spaces to display merchandise, the BOS system pro ensures the lights stay on, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Wherever consistent power is needed, it can be provided by a solar island system – the BOS system pro. In essence, BOS AG’s solution is vital to a range of local businesses that form the backbone of rural and urban economies.
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