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BOS system pro

Technical data


The BOS system pro is a modular energy solution that can be tailored to fit requirements of larger projects, showing its strength in commercial, industrial and minigrid environments. With the capability to scale lithium battery storage up to 400 kWh, an uninterrupted power supply to a large number of loads can be ensured over a long period of time. The system‘s flexibility is evident in its adjustable inverter power, solar capacity and the possibility for offgrid as well as integration with the utility grid and diesel gensets. For customized system planning, BOS specialists are on hand for consulting and assisting.

More information

Modular system configurations

Lithium battery capacity

30 to 60 kWh

Inverter output power

10 to 30 kVA

Solar power

Up to 30 kWp 

AC output

Single- or 3-phase 230 / 400 V

Lithium battery capacity

up to 180 kWh

Inverter output power

Up to 90 kVA

Solar power

Up to 100 kWp

AC output

3-phase 400 V

Lithium battery capacity

up to 400 kWh

Inverter output power

Up to 180 kVA

Solar power

Up to 200 kWp 

AC output

3-phase 400 V

General technical data


Single-phase, 3-phase or split phase

Grid frequency

Pure sine wave, 50 / 60 Hz     

Nominal system voltage

48 V


LiFePO4 Lithium modules


AC Coupled, DC Coupled or mix of AC-DC Coupling

Operating ambient temperature

0 to 50 °C, with highest performance and battery lifetime at 25 °C

Operating location

Indoors, above 40 °C a room with temperature control is recommended

Single enclosure dimensions

560 mm length x 550 mm width x 1850 mm up to 2210 mm height

Number of enclosures connected

From 2 up to 14 enclosures combined into one system


Via GSM connection or a local network with LAN or WiFi

Protection features

AC- & DC Overvoltage, Overload, Overcurrent, Short circuit, deep discharge, Wrong polarity


7 years of the battery / 5 years of the electronics

Note: Changes to the products and the above specifications are subject to change anytime without notice. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
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