People, Planet Profit – never before has our company slogan been as relevant as now, in times of COVID-19. Our core motivation in BOS is to help people live better lives, protecting the environment and strengthening economies at the same time.

And more than ever we want to do this with you, as partners, giving each other strength. Together we can get through this situation. And the best is: We can do this by helping others getting through it.

In BOS we keep up our work. We have developed the following

Action packages

Providing Care

In BOS we have implemented health related projects several times, powering rural hospitals in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. Also in Uganda, we have implemented our first project with the company Hallgruppen from Norway: Refugee tents for the World Food Programme (WFP). With this experience – and the corresponding partnerships – we now want to help you provide solutions for diverse needs in affected communities. With relocatable emergency and aid halls, tents or containers of different sizes and types. On BOS side we are happy to dimension your HS system according to specific needs for your use-case. Moreover, we offer special plug and play features like pre-assembled cables with sockets for easier installation in the halls.

Starting now against COVID-19

Together with Solarkiosk, Unitar, Siemens Healthineers, Nexol and partners we started the Solar powered corona rapid response solution. Based on the “WHO Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response to COVID-19”, the project seeks to limit the impact of COVID-19 by reinforcing national public health capabilities and infrastructures, particularly of least developed countries, who dramatically lack the material and human resources to address the public health emergency.

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Enabling Hygiene

A proper personal hygiene is one of the most important measures to take in order to prevent COVID-19 or other diseases. Therefore, we team up with our sister company NEXOL and provide product packages of NEXOL PV water heating equipment and BOS Smart Solar Systems.

The water heating equipment can get powered by an own panel per day and by the BOS system by night. Yet, there will still be power left for other appliances.

The 40 l boilers use an innovative heat pump. They are easy to install and can achieve break-even in only three years, depending on the location. They are moreover characterized by low initial and running costs. An ideal solution for lodges, social housing or rural hospitals. In fact, BOS and NEXOL have implemented first projects together in Zambian health stations. Both products combine perfectly and we are looking forward to further projects.

This package comes with a donation of soap.

Creating Independency

Reliable and affordable electricity is a key factor for social and economic development – in any size of household or enterprise. We have worked on smaller solutions which also supply power for micro businesses and households with less electronical devices.

The result is HS1. A plug and play solution, easy to transport and extremely quick to install. It comes with 1280 Wh of pure lithium battery capacity and 12 V voltage – perfect for appliances such as LEDs, fans, radios or little fridges.

Just as it’s bigger siblings, HS1 is AMMP monitoring enabled and can thus be sold using Power As A Service business models. It is a great solution to help many people at a time.

Rebuilding the Economy

COVID-19 challenges us all in the one or other way. Besides our health, it can significantly weaken businesses as well. Especially small companies and micro businesses need support in order to move on with their activities and strengthen societies from inside. In order to provide relief to companies, BOS solar systems can replace generators and thus save costs for fuel. When paid off by using Power As A Service business models, no big upfront-investment is required. 

If you are a BOS partner who distributes HS systems this way, you might consider lowering or even sparing the electricity prices for your clients for a while, helping them to financially recover.

Hymer Smart Battery System training

Hymer Smart Battery System training

Sales can be great fun – this is what our team members Daniela and Dominik experienced in the past weeks. In Italy and France, they have successfully trained numerous Hymer partners. A mission, which was not only successful but also highly enjoyable.