World storage: How will energy supply of the future look like?

BOS AG and IMTEK are developing a concept for innovative hybrid electricity storage and are taking part in the BMBF-funded innovation competition “World Storage” with their “PLUG-in” project.

A reliable power supply significantly increases the standard of living of people in developing countries. Nevertheless, more than one billion people worldwide still have no access to electricity. Lack of infrastructure or too high electricity costs are reasons. Diesel generators are often used for simple power supply, but in the long run they are very expensive, harmful to the environment and prone to repair. Solutions such as powerful photovoltaic battery systems would be effective, but they involve high acquisition costs and are therefore not affordable for most people. With a new type of energy storage concept, combined with a demand-oriented financing model, the benefits of renewable energy can soon be available to people in India or sub-Saharan Africa, for example – a topic that BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG (BOS AG) has made its mission for years. Together with the Institute for Microsystems Technology at the University of Freiburg (IMTEK), they have launched the PLUG-in project, with which they are also participating in the “World Storage” innovation competition funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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Hymer Smart Battery System training

Hymer Smart Battery System training

Sales can be great fun – this is what our team members Daniela and Dominik experienced in the past weeks. In Italy and France, they have successfully trained numerous Hymer partners. A mission, which was not only successful but also highly enjoyable.