Technical Data battery S - BOS battery S

BOS battery S

Technical Data


The BOS battery S is a lithium-based storage system, which due to its exceptional modularity can be used in 12V, 24V and 48V systems. This innovative design enables a multi-use concept in mobile and stationary applications by applying the storage capacity where it is needed, on the fly.


Technical specifications

Battery voltage

12.8 VDC

System voltage

12 – 48 VDC

Battery cells used


Usable lithium capacity

80 Ah / 1024 Wh

Numbers of cycles at room temperature

3000 full cycles (80% remaining capacity after 3000 cycles)

Continuous charging /discharging current

Max. 80A

Housing dimensions

175 mm width x 102.5 mm height x 353 mm length


9.9 kg

Connection terminals

M6 cable shoes, or lead acid terminals (optional)

Ambient temp. (operation & warehousing)

-20 – 60 °C with maximum battery life at 15 – 25 °C

Warehousing ambient temp.

10 – 30 °C

Battery efficiency

> 90%

Lithium cell balancing

Battery management inclusive balancer

Operation mode/compatible
external batteries

Pure lithium / Hybrid with lead acid battery

Recommended wire size

1.5 – 4 mm²

Protection features

Overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, overcharge, deep discharge, wrong polarity protection, temperature protection

Smart Features

Soft start function, digital handshake, optional communication inter-faces (Bluetooth, CAN RVC etc.)

Note: Changes to the products and the above specifications are subject to change anytime without notice. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Exemplary Battery Pack Configuration

For use in available space in existing mobile home layout

Size fits into space of a 95Ah lead acid battery

Technical Data battery S - BOS battery S stacked

Stationary applications and new mobile home layouts

BOS frame S fits into any 19“ rack

Technical Data battery S-Frame

Qt. of packs connected in parallel / serial

2 parallel


System voltage

12.8 VDC

51.2 VDC

Total lithium capacity

160 Ah / 2kWh

80 Ah / 4kWh

Continuous charging/discharging current

160 A / 2kW

80 A / 4kW