Conquering marine power supply

The BOS Battery S, with its compact housing, offers a seamless and reliable power solution for the marine environment, ideal for sailing yachts and boats. Its ability to connect two or more batteries in parallel or in series allows for versatile voltage ranges from 12V to 48V, accommodating various onboard systems. Moreover, its compatibility with existing AGM systems results in providing an improved onboard experience without the need for a substantial initial investment. This makes it a suitable option for fleet upgrades for charter businesses or boat builders fleets, ensuring electronics and equipment remain operational for comfort and ease at sea.

HYMER recreational vehicles

Hymer and BOS AG have advanced mobile energy with their Smart-Battery-System 2.0, integrating the BOS battery S into models like the Hymer Venture S. This innovation enhances travel independence with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, offering more freedom and extended stays for caravaning enthusiasts. It’s a leap forward in the journey of comfort and autonomy on the open road.

Comfort for long-distance transportation trucks

The BOS battery S is engineered to power the future of long-distance transportation in the commercial sector. With a system voltage of 24 V it is compatible as a lead-acid replacement and serves as a power source for applications in drivers cabins – e.g. air conditioning, TVs or coffee machines. 

With the option of hybrid use with lead-acid batteries it can extend the systems life cycle by many years.

Travel by coach with ease

Ensuring customers and drivers comfort during long-distance travel tours is crucial for coach bus companies. The BOS battery S provides the necessary power for these commercial vehicles while being space efficient in comparison to lead-acid systems – accommodating 160 Ah in the same space of a 95 Ah lead-acid battery. 

With increased comfort guests and drivers can enjoy long-haul coach trips with ease and fully focus on the joyful anticipation of reaching their destination. 

Light-electric vehicles powered with lithium

In the environments of modern warehouses, the agility and efficiency of light commercial electric vehicles are indispensable. The BOS Battery S emerges as a game-changer, fueling a variety of warehouse machinery such as stackers, reach trucks, order pickers, and forklifts. Designed to cater to the nuanced demands of light electric vehicles, the BOS battery S ensures uninterrupted operations and optimal performance.

Emergency Medical Service vehicles

In life-threatening situations paramedics need to operate quickly as mere seconds can be the decisive factor – that is why a reliable power source in EMS vehicles is crucial. The BOS battery S can provide the neccessary power for AC, lighting, ECG monitors, suction units and oxygen supply units to name a few. This allows paramedics to provide the required care for their patients in the ambulance at the scene and on the way to the hospital. 


The BOS Battery S is more than just an energy storage device. It is a key component of a sustainable infrastructure that enables solar streetlights to serve as reliable lighting after dark.
By storing solar energy, it ensures that streets, highways, and public spaces such as parks and industrial complexes are safely illuminated, promoting energy independence and security. The battery’s adaptability and durable design make it an asset in environments ranging from urban centers to remote locations where the grid is unreliable or even non-existent, embodying innovation and a commitment to environmental responsibility.