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HS Business

Smart Energy Storage System

BOS HS Business Solutions are out of the box Lithium storage solutions that benefit business’ and commercial applications with affordable, reliable and clean power. Specially designed for mini grids, community projects, commercials and businesses, HS Business solutions work for both solar off-grid and hybrid applications and can be tailored to any requirement and energy setup. BOS reduces reliance on diesel power and unreliable utility grid by integrating solar power and energy storage into your power system.  HS Business Solutions are compact, modular and fully scalable, with standard sizes ranging from 5 kWh to 10 kWh with 1.6 to 10 kVA inverter power. Our innovative and patented products are Engineered and Made in Germany, keeping in mind high quality standards.

Created for powering your business's with sun power.

BOS HS Business solutions helps to integrate cheaper power from sun to substitute the reliance on diesel power for the needs of business operations. Enjoy seamless European grid like quality with the seamless integration of solar power, diesel power and energy storage. The solutions are plug and play integrated with all the necessary components, which makes them easy to install and operate.


AC Mini grid

Solar home Systems both off-grid and on-grid

UPS backup


 Small businesses



Optimal use of power sources

BOS HS Business solutions enable seamless transition from diesel generators completely to solar power, diesel power used only as emergency backup. This helps businessesto reduce the expenditure on diesel fuel and subsequent maintenance cost of diesel generators. Further to this, our solutions also improve the efficiency of diesel generators during low load factor, by increasing the load factor and charging the battery with the excess power. This helps in reducing the diesel generator operational hours.

Standardised and modular design. Adapts to every requirement

The systems have identical connection points, which makes them suitable for large scale installation and fast and easy maintenance. Thanks to its modular design, components can be adapted to any requirements!

Scalable Energy Solutions. Flexible for all the future needs

Fully scalable in steps of 5 and 10kWh, the energy solutions are optimally designed for every needs of business’. Business’ can increase the system capacity as and when they need it. No need to invest huge capital right away!

Integrated Solutions. Easy to Install and Operate

All BOS solutions are pre-wired and pre-configured in Germany to reduce the installation and operational errors. The turnkey solutions are designed such that the storage systems can be installed and up and running in few hours.


Upgrade Lead Acid Systems. Upgrade to latest technology

Lead acid systems which are facing capacity shortage and/or battery degradation can be simply upgraded with BOS lithium-based Smart Energy Solutions. With BOS’ unique lithium and lead acid hybrid combination, the performance and capacity of the whole system improves and old lead acid systems will upgraded to latest technology and smart storage features.

Monitor your system from Anywhere. At your finger tip

Now it’s possible to seamlessly monitor your HS business from anywhere in the world. Together with our technology partner AMMP, we have built a monitoring platform which gives you every detail at tip of your finger. Additionally, Business solutions are PAYG enabled integrating variety of business models.

Training and service routines. Class leading techniques

Constantly optimized and simplified installation routines which are standardized to the maximum makes training fast and efficient. Installers quickly understand how to install, commission and maintain the energy systems.

Exclusive partner for Nigeria


HS business 10

Capacity: 10240 Wh

System voltage: 48 VDC

Battery: LiFePO4 Lithium

Weight: 230 kg


HS business 5

Capacity: 5120 Wh

System voltage: 48 VDC

Battery: LiFePO4 Lithium

Weight: 190 kg



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Orangutan Haven

Indonesia produced 42 mil metric ton of palm oil, the largest in the world. Nature is paying heavier price for this inexpensive vegetable fat, tropical forests in the region are being cleared for new palm oil plantations. This is destroying the natural habitat of orangutans and many other species. Babies of orangutans as pets are a status symbol in the region, for which the mothers are killed, and babies are snatched from them. In many other cases, while escaping, these mammals die from falling from the tall trees. In cases where they survive, the babies die a cruel death every day in captivity!

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Refugee tents with power

Uganda is the third-largest refugee-hosting country in Africa. Basic needs such as water, food, and electricity are hard to tackle in these camps. 70% of the refugees depend on organizations like the World Food Programme (WFP). To support the WFP, we equipped tents from Hallgruppen with our turnkey BOS solar storage solution. For the installation, we partnered up with the local electricity partner Aptech. Now WFP can store food and supplies safely and have access to reliable and clean energy. The remote monitoring system helps to control the energy and system performance from anywhere in the world. Therefore Aptrech can monitor the system from everywhere, which makes servicing easy and efficient.

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Solar Energy for Honduras

Reliable power, functioning energy infrastructure and independence from diesel generators. This is what many Hondurans want and need to keep their businesses, institutions, and homes running. With our solar storage systems, we provide a solution that meets their needs. Together with our local partner Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) and as a part of the dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme, we have chosen five pilot locations in the country to demonstrate our technology. Three hotels and two municipalities now run with a BOS solar storage system. The results: Lower electricity bills, uninterrupted power supply and cleaner air.

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Kenti Island

The remote island of Kenti is a hub of fisheries export. The only available power access on the island was from a diesel genset. Since diesel runs for four hours per day, cold storing was almost impossible. In 2017 after a World Bank investment, a solar-diesel mini grid was built. However, power capacity was soon not enough. So, BOS AG supplemented the lead-acid mini grid with BOS lithium storage systems into a hybrid solution. Today, with its extended capacity and a whole optimized system, the diesel generator is used only as a bad-weather backup and 340 households are supplied with electricity around the clock.

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We are hiring – Electrician

We are hiring – Electrician for solar system For the support of our team we are searching for an electrican (M/F/D) in full time in Neu-Ulm. As a construction electrician you will complement our team and support us with solar installation work in the Ulm/Neu Ulm region and in the company’s own production. For more

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AMMP provide detailed real-time remote monitoring of your systems.

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