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BOS HS Business Solutions are out of the box Lithium storage solutions that benefit business’ and commercial applications with affordable, reliable and clean power. Specially designed for mini grids, community projects, commercials and businesses, HS Business solutions work for both solar off-grid and hybrid applications and can be tailored to any requirement and energy setup. BOS reduces reliance on diesel power and unreliable utility grid by integrating solar power and energy storage into your power system.  HS Business Solutions are compact, modular and fully scalable, with standard sizes ranging from 5 kWh to 10 kWh with 1.6 to 10 kVA inverter power. Our innovative and patented products are Engineered and Made in Germany, keeping in mind high quality standards.


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Technical specifications

HS Business 5

HS Business 10

Nominal system voltage

48 V

48 V

Integrated lithium battery capacity

5120 Wh

10240 Wh

Inverter type

3 kVA

5 kVA

Inverter output

Pure sine wave

AC power output

2400 W @ 25 °C
2200 W @ 40 °C
1700 W @ 60 °C

4000 W @ 40 °C
3700 W @ 40 °C
3000 W @ 60 °C

AC power output peak

6000 W

10000 W

Max. charge current from grid

35 A

70 A

AC grid bypass current

50 A

100 A

AC output voltage

230 V or 120 V

AC output frequency

50/60 Hz adjustable

Second AC output

230 V or 120 V | 16 A

Max. PV size

5 kWp

10 kWp

Solar charger quantity and type

1x MPPT 250/60

2x MPPT 250/60

Max. PV open circuit voltage

250 V

Max. charge current from PV

60 A

2x 60 A


< 35 W

Max. wire size

35 mm² 

Style of housing

Industrial enclosure

Housing dimensions

600 mm x 410 mm x 1230 mm (L x W x H)


155 kg

230 kg

Ambient temperature

0 °C to 50 °C, maximum battery life at 15 °C to 25 °C


Overload, Overcurrent, Short circuit, Deep discharge, Wrong polarity


Prewired, Precon igured, Ventilation and temperature management, LCD-Display, USB charging port, integrated global SIM card with credit for remote GSM access, PAYG remote control, individual system monitoring and aggregated cluster monitoring, Lithium balancing, Two individual controlled AC outputs, Priority selection AC in/Solar

Note: Changes to the products and the above specifications are subject to change anytime without notice. Please contact [email protected] for more information.