Electricity where it was impossible

On-site installation with the lithium energy storage system HS business

HS Business Scalable Energy

All in one box hybrid storage system is the solution

BOS HS Business solutions are all in one box solutions, which can be easily deployed as against traditional way of building onsite. The HS solutions are pre-configured, pre-assembled standalone hybrid solar power systems.  From the significant components down to the most minor element, standalone solar systems require many parts combined to work in harmony for a system to work correctly. The HS takes care of all detailed system design, component procurement, equipment assembly, equipment programming and unit testing before dispatch to the customer. Building an off grid solar system onsite can make sense for some applications. In many cases, an off-grid system or a hybrid solar system is required in hard-to-reach locations where there may not be accessible to experienced, fully qualified designers and installers who know the necessary to complete an installation competently. Access to appropriate skills, tools, components, and equipment can be difficult to source and integrate into a system when you are many hours away from home base.  Forget a critical component or a component is faulty; another trip will be required back to the site.

Standardized and modular design. Adapts to any kind of requirement

All BOS solutions have identical connection points for solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels and AC loads. It takes hardly a few hours to set up the HS Business system for hybrid solar power, which makes them suitable for large scale installation and fast and easy maintenance. Thanks to its modular design, components can be adapted to any requirements! Systems are designed keeping modularity principles to meet uninterrupted growth in future without requiring excessive investment on day one. It is possible to design the system considering todays and future energy requirements and design a system that delivers both levels of optimum energy supply.

HS Business Scalable Energy - Standarized Inputs

Benefits of Pre-assembled solutions

The HS Business is not just well known and used for its all in one box design, it also combines creativity with energy.

Scalable Energy Solutions. Flexible for all the future energy needs

With the help of scalable HS Business solutions, businesses can now easily transition to clean energy from diesel generator or utility grid. Battery capacity can be increased in steps of 2.4 or 3.5kW and will vary depending on the type of battery module used. Depending on use case, it is also possible to increase Solar PV and inverter capacity via solar hybrid system. Energy systems can be installed for today’s needs and capacity can be increased as and when needed by simply installing new parallel systems. BOS HS Business capacity can grow with your energy needs, no need to invest huge capital right away!

Engineered in Germany

We value the integration of all possible safety features. The in-house research and development department in Germany develops and tests all components in detail. This is the key to guaranteeing higher quality and safety than other products tend to bring. Experience the outstanding performance and quality of BOS products for yourself.

Maximizing solar energy

HS Business Scalable Energy - HS Inside

Created for powering your businesses with solar power

BOS hybrid systems help you achieve energy independence with renewable energy from solar panels. Our lithium battery system helps you to increase your solar power consumption to substitute the usage of diesel generators and unreliable grid for the energy needs. Enjoy European grid like quality with the seamless integration of solar power, diesel power, utility grid and lithium energy storage system. The solutions are plug and play, integrated with all the necessary components in a box, which makes them easy to install and operate. High energy density batteries means less space is needed to install these batteries. In regions with high feed in tariffs, HS Business can be programmed to export energy to the grid to earn most out of solar energy from our solar hybrid system. In cases with least feed in tariffs, batteries can be used for long duration storage and use most of the solar power for self-consumption.

Optimal use of different power sources. A perfect hybrid solar system

BOS HS Business solutions enable seamless transition from diesel generators completely to hybrid solar power, diesel power used only as emergency backup. This helps businesses to reduce the expenditure on diesel fuel and subsequent maintenance cost of diesel generators. Further to this, our solutions also improve the efficiency of diesel generators during low load factor, by increasing the load factor and charging the battery with the excess power. This helps in reducing the diesel generator operational hours. In cases where electricity supply is available only for a few hours in a day, the energy management feature of our hybrid solar power systems can be programmed to manage this intermittency by capturing power generation from solar panels and energy from the electricity grid as and when available and discharge power from battery as and when needed.  Power outages are a thing of the past.


AMMP provide detailed real-time remote monitoring of your systems.

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