With BOS, a smart, affordable and scalable energy access becomes reality.


BOS Smart DC grid components offer the most efficient, safe and cost effective option for rural energy access at locations with high building density. The Grid is scalable in size and scope to meet your individual requirements and offers a proven business model for tariffs solutions.


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DC Mini Grid





DC Grids are the most efficient and cost-effective option for rural energy access at locations with high building density and for residential homes with rented out rooms. For setting up a smart DC-grid, two components are needed (next to a solar home system as central energy hub), a power meter PM10 at each household and a grid signal transmitter PT20 at each energy hub. The PT20 is already included into the central energy hub which combines DC Hybrid Storage and PT20 in one system. Both housings are water and dust resistant.


Structure of a DC grid with power meters and power transmitter



BOS Village Grid

A central energy station, equipped with a solar home system and the BOS PT grid signal transmitter forms the central unit of a SMART DC Grid. The central energy station can be any 12 VDC lead acid solar home system, hybrid systems from BOS are recommended.

Individual households/users, each one equipped with the BOS PM smart power meter, are DC grid connected with the central energy station.

 BOS PM10 PT10 haus Grafik3

Each household or power meter is preconfigured with a particular amount of energy per day according to their requirements and loads. We call this energy quota; the user is not supposed to exceed this energy quota as this will create disturbances and destroy the resilience of the minigrid. Hence the loads are switched off automatically once the user finishes this energy quota, so that the neighbours don’t have to suffer!

The smart communication between PT20 and PM10 enables to have variable tariffs depending on the status of grid; very cheap during times of excess energy, less expensive during daytime and more expensive during night time. 


The SMART DC grid switches excess energy loads and emergency lights automatically. Once the state of charge of the DC grid reaches full level, each meter automatically switches on a separate excess energy load output. This excess energy output powers big loads only during times of excess energy when tariffs are cheap, hence households optimize their energy costs. Once the state of charge of the DC grid reaches a low level, all loads are automatically disconnected. If users finish their daily energy quota, they can still use an emergency light.



Example areas where you can use our DC Mini Grid


BOS Icon School

BOS Icon Minigrid

BOS Icon Hospital

Small Medium Businesses

Refugee Camp



Health Post

Flats, Hotels

Refugee Camps





Cost comparison DC mini grid vs. AC diesel grid

The DC grid operator employs a workable business model, which has been proven to be effective over decades of use in AC diesel grids. With reasonable hardware costs, maintenance that is close to zero and no generation costs, DC grids are the superior solution compared to AC diesel grids.


Scalable in size and scope

A grid's size can be expanded by adding new clusters or power stations to existing clusters.

BOS VillageGrid 200m Size scaling


A grid's scope can be expanded by upgrading one of the connected households within the existing mini grid cluster to serve as an additional power station. The connected households can now be powered by two energy stations and can hence consume more energy.

BOS VillageGrid 200m Scope scaling

LCD Display Energy Control

Userfriendly interface and LCD display shows the remaining energy quota and power consumption. Tariffs being charged and switch on/off the loads.

Phone Charging   Integrated USB port

Each Power Meter has an USB port for phone charging.

Smart Payment model

The systems can be operated in a Pay As You Go (PAYG) mode with remote locking and control. Users can choose different energy quotas and pay accordingly.

  PAYG ver04
advantage   Easy to build up

Simple plug and play mounting. Optionally training is available from our professional engineering team.

IP65 Housing

Each device is water and dust protected with the certified IP65 industrial power cabinet. They can be customized for special purposes and are perfectly suited for rough conditions such as energy infrastructure along streets, humid areas or public places.



Warranty   BOS Assurance

BOS products are built with dilligence and high quality of German engineering together with technically excellent team. As a part of BOS Assurance, customers get 2 year standard warranty on all BOS products and initial training is given on the product installation and usage!





System Sizing Examples




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