LE300 perfect fit for sailing boats

Our LE300 Lithium Extension Battery can be used for many different applications tough it is mainly known for solar home systems and caravans. Today we want to show you the best practice of LE300 installed into a sailing catamaran.


The beautiful sailing catamaran WINDZANG with sail area of 50 m² and length of 9,30 m got an update for its worn-out energy supply system. The already installed 12 V lead acid batteries were still usable but have seen better days. Perfect for our LE300 Lithium Extension Battery. Two LE300 modules were connected to the lead acid battery in parallel. Now the lead acid battery is used as a cheap back up battery and always kept full, while the state-of-the-art lithium battery takes care of the main cycles. The hybrid mode improves the whole system with more capacity and best performance.


LE300 Lithium Extension Battery
LE300 is a perfect fit for boats

The installation was very easy and space-saving. Due to the handy design, the two LE300 modules fitted easily under the seating bench next to the lead acid battery.

The LE300 is a perfect fit for boats, since all the modules are fully certified with E24 certificate known for automotive and with integrated safety functions. This makes the system leakproof, shake and push resistance, even under rough water conditions.


Reliable energy for all loads
The WINDZANG is now equipped with a state-of-the-art hybrid battery system and takes care of all loads on board like navigation, boat radio, light, fridge and gas heater.

Even cold weather conditions are no problem for the system. Thanks to integrated heaters, the LE300 gets preheated before it charges during negative temperatures. Therefore, the system can still perform without any energy losses at -10 °C.

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