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BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG has set its strategic course for growth and is striving for a leading position in energy storage systems and intelligent charging and load management. The aim of the comprehensive strategy of BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG is to establish the brand as a leader in innovative energy storage products with excellent and reliable quality. Transparency and sustainability of the entire value chain and product life cycle are always the focus of product development and all further actions.

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Common good & Sustainability

Responsibility towards people and the environment is an important key to the growth and success of BOS AG. Therefore, results and recommendations from common good and sustainability reports have a direct impact on strategy and decisions.


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The bottom line is a positive impact on people, planet and profit

The triple bottom line model is a core model of sustainability. With it’s help impacts on different levels can be mapped. It forms the central model of the strategy of BOS AG. Traditional businesses operate on a single bottom line, which shows the profit (or loss) in terms of money. Sustainable ventures include two additional bottom lines, which consider the impacts on people and planet as well. The results of all three bottom lines are equally important, and optimization is pursued in all three areas. This approach is commonly referred to as the triple bottom line, consisting of three Ps, Profit, People and Planet. BOS AG strives to improve step by step in all three areas of the triple bottom line.

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Manfred Bächler

Chairman of the supervisory board

Chairman of the supervisory board

Prof. Peter Adelmann

Supervisory board member

Supervisory board member

Dr. Kjetil Roine

Supervisory board member

Supervisory board member

Tobias Ruckstuhl

Supervisory board member

Supervisory board member