Frequently Asked Questions

BOS offers 3 range of products, Home, Business and Customized solutions. As the names indicate, Home is typically for smaller requirements up to 5kW. This will help you power regular appliances like Fans, TV, Phone charging, Kitchen appliances, etc. Business powers the commercial applications like mini grids, community projects, schools, hospitals, resorts, etc. For individual projects which need customized solutions, we have bigger capacity systems.

Please see our authorized dealers and partners to order the products or reach out to the concerned regional sales manager for support regarding buying the BOS products.

Customers need to visit one of our approved partners and provide details such as available roof space for the PV Panels, type of roof, available loads and planned upgrade/new purchase of appliances, grid quality and diesel genset availability. Based on these factors, our partners will propose a suitable energy solution that fits your needs.

To install a BOS system, you must be certified electrician or similar qualification, which allows to do electrical installations in your country. Additionally, you need to visit a BOS installer training to understand how to set up and maintain BOS systems.

BOS provides a 5 year warranty on the system enclosure workmanship and electronic components. The warranty applies only on production and/or development faults. The lithium batteries are provided with a 3 year warranty. Please refer to warranty conditions document from BOS for the terms to claim the warranty.

BOS systems employ Lithium Iron Phosphate cells (LiFePO4) which are one of the safest Lithium chemistries, hence BOS systems are safe to operate. However, enough care needs to be taken that system is used as per the conditions mentioned in the manuals. Loads should never be connected directly to the battery terminal or batteries should never be charged directly from PV panel.

Lithium batteries are maintenance free hence no active maintenance is required however enough care needs to be taken to maintain the right temperature and keep the environment dust free for better performance.

Yes, the system can be increased in steps of 2.5, 5 and 10kWhr at any point of time


Battery Management System (BMS): Is integrated in every LE300 and monitors/regulates the status of the lithium- and lead-acid battery. Battery cable: Simply connect parallel to your lead-acid battery. If you buy more than one LE300, you will get the matching cables. Display: Shows the status of the LE300.

The LE300 is already built, you don‘t need to assemble components. In this video you can see how to connect more LE300 modules and how to install the battery cable.

You can also simply order already-builded modules. In this case you just need to connect them to your lead-acid battery.

In this video you will learn how to prepare the battery cable and connect it to a lead-acid battery. In this video you will learn how to connect a LE300 block to a lead-acid battery.

The LE300 can be used with all 12V lead-gel/acid batteries. The size of the lead-acid battery is not relevant, our system works with all capacities. Nevertheless, we recommend a minimum capacity of x% from the LE-capacity. The lead acid battery should have a rest capacity >60%.

No, the LE300 just works as a hybrid system.

No. You can use the LE300 everywhere.

The only requirement is a 12V-lead-acid battery.

The heater switches automaticly on as soon as the cell temperature falls under 10 degrees celsius. This means concrete as soon the lead voltage >13,25 V.

Our hybrid system is, in constrast to lithium system,  immediately ready to use.

Yes. The State of Charge (SoC) is given in precent and the voltage of the hybrid system (LE300 + lead-acid battery) will be shown.

For all brands of the Erwin Hymer Group is a SoC Display from Votronic available, which can be ordered through the authorized dealers.

For all other applications a SoC Display will be available in Q2 2021, which can be customized by yourself.

A Display can be retrofitted everytime. Bluetooth is not supported.

The LE300 can be bought at all of our official partners. Here you can see a list of our partners.

You can use every leadcharger (Lichtmaschine, Solar, Landstrom). There is no special adjustment needed, the LE300 is using the same charging technique as a lead-acid battery.

The LE300 should cover at least your average daily consumption.

For example: If you have an average daily consumption of 0,5 kWh, we recommend two LE300 modules.

Li batteries can be discharged 100% without any harm to the batteries, however BOS systems have a default setting of 80% to get best out of the Lithium batteries.

The average ambient temperature for best performance is between 150 – 300 C and for warranty claims, the temperature should never fall below -100 C or exceed 450 C