More than just customers

Malawi More than just customers Reliable energy infrastructure for healthcare facilities Deliveries and surgeries performed in the candlelight; children exposed

Papua New Guinea Energy independence with solar energy During World War-II, the american army setup a military hospital alongside their

Orangutan Haven

Orangutan Haven Orangutan Haven: an eco-friendly semi wild sanctuary Orangutan Haven combines nature conservation with opportunities for further research. Moreover,

PV in Gosbach

Gosbach PV-Systems for your home PV in Gosbach A lot of people would like to be more energy efficient and

Vestfold Winter sports powered by solar energy Have you ever been skiing in remote mountains and noticed that the facility

Refugee tents with power

Uganda refugee tents Refugee tents with power Uganda is the third-largest refugee-hosting country in Africa. Basic needs such as water,

Grimsdalshytta Energy far away from civilization Norway is known for its natural wonders such as fjords, mountains and northern lights.

Sailboat Windzang

Ijsselmeer Sailboat Windzang The passionate sailor Peter Reinmann extended his lead acid energy storage of his 9.30 meter long sailing

Solar Energy for Honduras

Honduras five locations, one project Undisturbed relaxation Honduras offers dream like beaches and almost untouched jungle. Together with its fascinating

Kenti Island

Kenti Island A HYBRID SOLUTION FOR KENTI ISLAND The use of diesel generators was increasing everyday, as lead acid batteries

Katate Health Center Saving lives – Now with solar energy Until 2019, Katate Health Center (KHC) in Kanungu District, Uganda

Electrifying the Iponri Market Renewable and stable power for Nigeria The target is to electrify twelve markets by 2019 equipped

Sabon Gari Market Replacing diesel gen- sets with clean energy Vegetables, cosmetics, apparel, you name it and you can buy

Hymer Cooperation Build to discover the mobile world Together with Erwin Hymer Group, the BOS AG has enabled thousands of

Sarvantara Village Renewable energy solution for Sarvantara Village Together with the German Energy Agency (dena) and the German Federal Ministry

Zambia Electrifying Health Posts Health care in rural African regions is a big challenge. The focus in this project was