Get all the power you need with an out of the box energy solution for a hybrid power supply in off grid and grid scenarios.


BOS SMART ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM is an out of the box Lithium storage solution that provides you cost optimized, stable and clean power. It is specially designed for mini grids, community projects, commercial and businesses. Our solutions work for both solar off-grid and hybrid (not grid-tie) based applications. With its integrated solutions you get a fully equipped power box with all required energy components. They are modular and scalable with sizes ranging from 5 kWh to 20 kWh with 1.6 to 10 kVA inverter chargers. Our innovative and patented products are Engineered and Made in Germany, keeping in mind high quality standards.


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Key product highlights
All in one Box integrated power solution with:

- Lithium Batteries & BOS Battery management system
- Inverter
- Solar charge controller
- Inbuilt protection features
- Onboard BOS Master Board to monitor and manage all the key components in the system

The BOS HS Business is the central unit in the solar system. HS Business has the capability to power from small and medium size businesses, community facilities or remote villages till small and medium industries in developing countries. Thanks to the smart modular design, HS business can be adapted in battery size, PV size, inverter power, output voltage and frequency. Systems and minigrids can either be used as single-phase or three-phase configurations.

With a smart remote monitoring system all your systems and its single components can be tracked and traced to simplify your maintenance and service. All the protections features are built in, so that you get a reliable and safe power supply.

The heart of the BOS technology is the energy management system it assures an optimized use of power sources for a reduced CAPEX. BOS energy storage systems combine different power sources like PV and grid supply. For additional backup, the systems can be paired with a lead-acid system. Optionally, a diesel genset can be integrated for additional backup during bad weather days.
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Example areas where you can use our systems


Solar Home System

Small Medium Businesses

BOS Icon UPS Backups

BOS Icon School

BOS Icon Hospital

BOS Icon Minigrid
Solar home Systemsboth off-grid and on-grid

Small businesses

UPS backup



AC Mini grid

Three-phase and Single-phase




Icon Integrated solution  


BOS offers a plug and play AC solution that has all components integrated in one box.

The systems have identical connection points, which makes the installation and maintenance fast and easy. Thanks to its modular design components can be adapted to the required system size.



BOS systems are designed for large volume installations. Since the systems are independent from each other, multiple teams can install the devices in parallel.

icon modular scalable


Icon prewired  


Simplified installation routines which are standardized to the maximum makes training fast and efficient. Installers quickly
understand how to commission and maintain the devices.



Lead acid systems which are facing capacity shortage and/or battery degradation can be simply upgraded with BOS lithium-based Smart Energy Storages Systems. With BOS' unique lithium and lead acid hybrid combination, the performance and capacity of the whole system improves and will be equipped with latest technology and smart storage features.

Charging ver02

PAYG ver04  

Remote monitoring and PAYG

Track and trace your systems with a user-friendly monitoring system and prevent major maintenance work.

Optional business features like Power-As-A-Service (PAAS) or Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) allows to create innovative business model solutions.


BOS Assurance

BOS products are built with dilligence and high quality of German engineering together with technically excellent team. As a part of BOS Assurance, customers get 2 year standard warranty on all BOS products and initial training is given on the product installation and usage!






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