Energy Management

Energy Management helps get the most out of solar energy

At times when the energy stored in the batteries is low and energy generated solar panels is low or null, hybrid inverters in our power systems have capability to reduce the power consumption by load shifting, which means non-critical loads are switched off to be switched on at a later stage once battery backup is fully charged again. This helps to provide backup power for longer duration and avoid complete power outage.

HS Business Energy Management- Inside corner

Remote Access all over the world

Monitor your energy assets from anywhere

Now it’s possible to seamlessly monitor the HS business from anywhere in the world. Together with the technology partner AMMP, we have built a monitoring platform which gives every detail at the tip of your finger. Our solutions employ best in class control and communication interfaces which enable monitoring of all the components like solar panels, solar inverter, hybrid inverter, solar MPPT charge controller, lithium batteries, fossil fuels consumption, grid power, etc from a single dashboard. Energy usage, solar energy generated, excess energy, available backup power, storage capacity, etc can be monitored. On site, the system comes with a user-friendly display unit, which can be used to change the settings as well as read the live system performance.

HS Business Energy Management- Corner

Intelligent Lithium battery system designed for hybrid and off-grid solar system requirements

Our internet connected BMS will always keep you informed about live state of charge, charge/discharge status, and faults or alarms if any. With the state of art remote monitoring system, you can monitor the live performance of the system and plan preventive maintenance for better efficiency and longer life of system components. During times of high internal temperatures, BMS will automatically switch on the internal cooling to reduce the system temperature, this helps to keep the temperature under check and increase the lithium battery lifetime. During times of low battery charge, the system will de-prioritize the non-critical loads to help preserve the energy stored in the batteries. When the low state of charge continues for prolonged time with grid power unavailable, system will switch on the diesel generator automatically to charge the batteries up to certain extent (can be programmed) and then switch off automatically. This helps to optimize the diesel consumption and save fuel costs and reduce environmental damage. The power system automatically manages renewable energy and alternate energy sources to offer reliable, affordable, and clean power. It is as good as having own power station.

Cost effective and efficient solar installation

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Redundant components for higher uptime. Your self-contained solar power systems

Redundancy is one of the aspects while designing the power system and components. At times in demanding conditions of developing countries, component failure and eventual system breakdown will lead to complete blackout. To avoid such situation, BOS has adopted redundancy design, which helps in better reliability and higher uptime. For instance, multiple small and medium sized Solar MPPT charge controllers are used instead of one large sized MPPT charge controller, which makes sure batteries still continue to be charged in case one of the MPPT’s fail or if one of the strings of solar panels fail. Mix of DC and AC coupling is implemented for regions with extended power cuts and unreliable electricity grid. This makes sure that DC power from MPPT’s continue to charge the batteries if in case solar inverters fail due to some reason or during extended power outages where solar inverters are islanded and switched off for safety purpose. Same concept is applied to battery modules as well, BOS systems have multiple battery modules, which in case of failure of one of the modules still continue to operate uninterrupted. For protection systems, multiple levels of circuit breakers and disconnectors are used to make sure that faults are islanded at any cost. All these measures help in higher uptime of off-grid solar system and unprecedented clean solar power supply.

Built for tough conditions.

Our system has been installed in more than 50 countries across Australia, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. With total successful installed battery capacity of more than 12 MWhr, we have quite high success rates. May it be dusty desert conditions, cold temperatures, hot and dry weather, or humid conditions of coastal countries, our systems have been performing excellent event in extreme and tough environmental conditions. In built cooling and heating system, customized enclosures, system components (solar inverter, cables, battery, etc) sized considering efficiency degradation due to local conditions, these are some of the customizations which make it possible for BOS solar battery systems to operate anywhere in the world. May it be off grid energy system or grid connected or hybrid solar, our stand alone Off-grid solar systems will operate in any conditions without any failures.

Built with best protection systems. Safe to operate.

Due to rough weather conditions (lightning strikes), bad power quality (high or under voltage), bad earthing, and poor handling, the solar battery systems tend to break down quite often. We have this covered. BOS designs systems with redundant protection systems that ensure faults are islanded and protect the expensive energy systems. This makes sure that solar system operate safely with reduced down time due to minimal or zero breakdowns. Furthermore, each energy system is unit tested before being shipped out, to ensure all the components work well and in tune with each other. All settings are pretested in the factory and then dispatched. Our advanced battery management system (BMS) detects any faults in the system and trips to protect the lithium battery from any damage. In cases where the power drawn is higher than pre-set limits, BMS will cut of the loads to protect the batteries from wear out.


AMMP provide detailed real-time remote monitoring of your systems.

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