A 12/24V DC smart storage solution for your solar PV system from 250Wh to 1800Wh capacity with 180W power


BOS Hybrid DC is a Lithium ion (LiFePO4) based Solar home system that can be either powered in pure Lithium mode or extended with inexpensive lead acid batteries. Together they offer lithium like performance at the cost close to lead acid based systems. BOS Hybrid systems are available in 2 different voltage levels: 12V and 24V. Existing lead acid systems can be upgraded to hybrid systems by just replacing the old charge controller. In all, BOS Hybrid systems provide high performance at low investment costs.


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BOS HS250 and HS500 are invertless DC Solar home systems which comes with integrated lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. The system comes with a build in charge regulator which manages both lithium and lead acid batteries in an intelligent way and makes the sytem very efficient compared to a solar AC system.

DC Solar home systems are very efficient together with highly efficient DC appliances. This efficiency gain reflects in to required size of solar panel and battery capacity getting smaller and therefore cost-savings when compared to a solar-AC system. For homes in off-grid, rural and places with frequent power cuts, DC solar home systems offer a great solution being affordable and economical.

Hybrid systems are well engineered, very compact with rugged design and housed in an IP65 industrial power cabinet, the installation can be ground or wall mounted. They can be customized for special purposes and are perfectly suited for rough conditions such as energy infrastructure along streets, humid areas or public places. The hybrid systems can be used to upgrade different types of lead acid systems which is done by simply replacing old charge controller, promising lowest efforts and costs of upgrading.

BOS Hybrid systems offer the combination of inexpensive power with superb performance. In all, the best value for money!


The Hybrid Battery is the central unit of a solar home system 





The BOS hybrid system is the central unit in the solar home system. It comes with integrated lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. The hybrid system contains a combined, fully featured charge controller for lithium and lead acid batteries that manages the state of charge of both batteries in an intelligent way.

An excess energy output is only switched on, if excess power is available. This helps to run fans, chargers or other high power devices only if there is enough energy. It automatically keeps enough energy for devices that need to be available 24/7. All hybrid systems come with an integrated USB port.

BOS hybrid systems work with AGM, gel and standard lead acid batteries. Already existing batteries can be used as well. The state of charge of the lead acid battery is controlled in an intelligent way and includes all relevant protection and performance features.

Lithium battery and hybrid charge controller are one unit. A lead acid battery, the solar generator and different loads are simply connected to the BOS hybrid systems using standard wire connectors. There is no need to configure any lithium battery parameters by the customer.



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Lithium Performance at lead acid costs

Lead acid batteries are cheaper to source but often fail within 2-3 years, as batteries get damaged by continuous operation at low states of charge. Expensive lithium systems perform well in such conditions and show longer lifetimes. BOS hybrid systems combine the advantages of both these battery technologies. Initial investment costs for BOS hybrid systems are close to the costs of pure lead acid systems and approximately 50% lower than pure lithium systems. The costs per stored kWh in hybrid systems are around 60% lower than in lead acid systems, this makes hybrid systems the most cost-effective option within the first 3 years.


Charging ver02  

Advanced BOS charge regulation technology 

BOS Hybrid systems employ a unique charge regulation of both Lithium ion phosphate and lead acid batteries which

  • allows easy upgrade of used lead acid battery
  • improves lifetime to 10 years
  • high battery efficiency (95%)


Revolutionary Inverterless DC Technology

Say Hello to the most advanced and efficient DC solar home system! BOS DC systems are very efficient, compact and affordable.


LED Display for System Status

Be well informed about the performance of the system with the LED display showing important parameters like battery state of charge (SOC) with voltage, Charging status, Power consumed and system error messages.


Ease of phone charging

No more wandering around to charge your phones! With an inbuilt USB outlet, everything from basic to high end smartphones can be charged.

  Phone Charging

IP65 Housing

Each device is water and dust protected with the certified IP65 industrial power cabinet. They can be customized for special purposes and are perfectly suited for rough conditions such as energy infrastructure along streets, humid areas or public places.


BOS Assurance

BOS products are built with dilligence and high quality of German engineering together with technically excellent team. As a part of BOS Assurance, customers get 2 year standard warranty on all BOS products and initial training is given on the product installation and usage!






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