BOS battery S

The future of modular energy storage

BOS-Lux Buttery

High-secure LiFePO4 lithium cells

The BOS smart battery system ensures maximum
safety through the latest LiFePO4 lithium cells,
a built-in next-generation battery management system,
a redesigned cell heating and a whole range
of state-of-the-art functions for intelligent control
and optimization, such as full data recording, digital
handshake and full traceability.

1024 Wh

Nominal capacity (920 Wh usable)

No more borders between mobile and stationary use

The BOS battery S is a lithium-based storage system,
which due to its exceptional modularity can be used
in 12V, 24V and 48V systems. This innovative design
enables a multi-use concept in mobile and stationary
applications by applying the storage capacity
where it is needed, on the fly.

Hot-swappable between:





Designed to discover the world

Reinforced fiber material made in Germany

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, with a passion for quality in every detail and electronics component, the BOS battery S can compete with the highest safety standards. In order to withstand the tough challenges and ensure the required durability, we have developed our own material for the housing of the BOS battery S. This consists of a recyclate, i.e. recycled plastic, with a high glass fiber content. Ensuring an exceptional durability with low thickness and weight.

More than a battery

Freely swapable

It´s not just a battery but the name for a whole product family. The key is the great modularity and compatibility of the components with each other. This makes the BOS battery S system suitable for a wide range of applications in the private and industrial sectors. The dimensions are designed for a wide range of applications. Starting with 2 batteries of the BOS battery S fit in the mobile application
into the space of a conventional 95 AH lead-acid battery. In addition, the BOS battery S frame can fit four batteries in an industry-standard 19-inch rack, configurable with any system voltage configuration, 12V, 24V or 48V.

State of Health

monitoring enabled


High scalability up to

120 kWh


State of Health

SoH estimation helps our customers to understand the aging of the batteries and can vary their usage to balance optimum performance and maximum capacity utilization. Furthermore, the SoH will help our customers to plan the future replacement of the BOS battery S. SoH estimation is key to success of various business models linked to Lithium batteries, and our goal is to support businesses with the implementation of various business models (battery as a service, battery swapping, etc)

BOS is aiming to achieve highest sustainability with the BOS battery S and one of the key focus is to offer second life for the batteries of the BOS battery S at affordable costs to energy access projects in emerging countries. The life cycle of the BOS battery S across first life and second life will be closely monitored and tracked and shared with the BOS battery S customers.

The battery

The intelligent battery system do not have to stay alone, the  battery modules can be combined. The increased capacity changes the possibilities of traveling to undiscovered places and enables more independence and freedom than ever before. Multiple BOS battery S are easy to connect to each other. Even though life and needs may change, more modules can be added in the future. 

Lithium and hybrid system combinations

When looking to upgrade to Lithium systems, one must upgrade their charging technology and infrastructure, which is at times quite expensive. To overcome this limitation, we have designed BOS battery S to work with the existing electronics designed for Lead acid batteries, without needing to replace any electronic components. The plug and play BOS battery S is just a straight replacement to Lead acid batteries, just uninstall Lead acid batteries and install the BOS battery S in the same place, and you have Lithium battery up and running.

For customers who want to keep their Lead acid batteries, we have a unique hybrid solution. Just connect the BOS battery S in parallel to your Lead acid battery and it will automatically sync with the Lead acid system. So now you have a hybrid battery system(combination of Lithium and Lead acid) without needing to replace any electronic components

Designed for the future

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