Off Grid Expo: Education Mile

Off Grid Expo: Education Mile BOS AG as a part of the Education Mile 2021 at the OFF Grid Expo in Augsburg, Germany. Colleges and universities had the opportunity to present themselves at the OFF-GRID Expo in their own area, called the Education Mile. The University of Hohenheim, University of Applied Sciences Ulm (THU), University […]

How to extend your existing boat battery with lithium

How to extend your existing boat battery with lithium Connect a lithium to a lead-acid battery system? Yes, you can! LE300 Smart Battery System is full of innovative hybrid functions and allows you to add what you want while you keep what you have. Choosing between a lead-acid battery and a lithium system can be […]

PV in Gosbach

By installing one of our pv systems, customers can produce most of their own energy requirements and it has a better ecological footprint.

Energy far away from civilization

The many huts in the beautiful nature of norway are far away from electricity connection, thus the hut owner needs a working pv system.

Sailboat Windzang

Because of the LE300 hybrid system, Peter Reinmann is able to enjoy longer trips on the water without returning for recharge.

Hymer cooperation

Hymer Cooperation Build to discover the mobile world Together with Erwin Hymer Group, the BOS AG has enabled thousands of people to explore millions of worry free miles. A smart alliance has been successful in developing a battery solution which is tailormade to the requirements of achieving independence in a caravan. A smart upgrade from […]


AMMP provide detailed real-time remote monitoring of your systems.

Via Happyfox our partners receive professional support from our engineers.