All In One Integrated solutions with Victron Energy

HS10000 with Victron Components HS10000 with Victron Components

The biggest in our product portfolio, 10kWh capacity system, HS10000 was displayed at EES 2018 in Munich which was held together with Intersolar at The Smarter E. There our HS10000 was displayed at our partner Victron’s booth as well, which garnered a lot of attention.

In terms of PV system installation, it is very common to look at batteries, inverters and chargers as separate components, but HS10000 helps you view them as one product. The heart of the 48 V based HS10000 system is the Master Board, developed and engineered by BOS. It controls not only 10kWh of Lithium ion phosphate batteries but also the 5kVA Victron Multiplus inverter and 2 X 70 A Victron MPPT charge controller. The integrated solution helps to cut down the soft costs and reduces your installation time and hassles as everything is pre-wired and pre-configured.

HS10000 displayed at Victron Energy booth at the Intersolar 2018 in Munich

With remote monitoring and PAYG services via GSM, the system is easy and safe to control.

HS10000 is engineered to guarantee best optimum operation in terms of reducing energy costs and increasing the battery life by balancing of the lithium cells with our in house developed BMS.
The 230 V out of the box solution is very modular which is what you exactly need to reach the higher capacity and configurations. It can be used for extensive applications ranging from domestic households, school, hospitals to mini-grids and commercial establishments.




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