Securing your homes from unstable grid with the state-of-the-art lithium-ion based mppt solar backup power


BOS Hybrid Storage solutions combines charge regulation of lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) and lead acid battery under one system. Our solutions work for both solar off-grid and hybrid (not grid-tie) based applications. BOS Hybrid Systems are modular and scalable with sizes ranging from 2.5kWh to 20 kWh with 1.6 to 10 kVA inverter chargers. Our innovative and patented products are Engineered and Made in Germany, keeping in mind high quality standards.

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The BOS hybrid backup solution is the central unit in the solar home system. Hybrid systems offer superb Lithium like performance since majority of cycling is taking care by Lithium ion. Lead acid batteries are optional, Hybrid systems can be run as pure lithium system as well.

BOS products are a master piece of design and engineering, built in to an eye-catching cube design enclosure, the solution s are integrated with Lithium ion batteries together with MPPT charge controller and inverter charger from Victron Energy. For industrial applications, more rugged enclosures are used. The products are intelligently built to protect from high voltage, overload, deep discharge and wrong polarity.

At the heart of the BOS technology is energy management, the products offer smart switching of loads and energy sources, to offer unprecedented energy efficiency and high performance. An output is dedicated for excess energy which is switched on only when excess power is available in the system. With the dedicated excess energy output, system powers non critical appliances only if there is enough energy.



Example areas where you can use our systems

Solar Home System

Small Medium Businesses

BOS Icon UPS Backups

BOS Icon School

BOS Icon Hospital

Solar home Systemsboth off-grid and on-grid

Small Businesses

UPS backup






Leap into the future with Net Zero Energy Building

BOS hybrid backup solutions employs state of the art MPPT charger with optimised inhouse BMS technology. Overall, the solution is programmed to get best optimum feedback from solar panels and battery backup. Time to say goodbye to electricity bills!

Advanced BOS charge regulation technology

BOS Hybrid systems employ a unique charge regulation of both Lithium ion phosphate and lead acid batteries which

  • allows easy upgrade of used lead acid battery
  • improves lifetime to 10 years
  • high battery efficiency (95%)
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Uninterrupted AC Power

Freedom from fossil fuels and unreliable grid! BOS backup solutions are designed to handle the switch over between grid and battery backup seamlessly. They are programmed to well balance the different generating sources like solar PV, diesel generators, utility grid with the battery storage to make sure you always have access to energy.


Securing your critical loads!

Our power management feature powers noncritical loads only when their is sufficient energy in the system. This automatically saves enough energy for the critical devices that need to be available 24/7!

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Remote monitoring and PAYG

With the integrated datalogging, all the data is accessible remotely from anywhere in the world. The systems can be operated in a Pay As You Go (PayG) mode with remote locking and control.


BOS Assurance

BOS products are built with dilligence and high quality of German engineering together with technically excellent team. As a part of BOS Assurance, customers get 2 year standard warranty on all BOS products and initial training is given on the product installation and usage!






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