Notre Environnement

By installing BOS Systems, at least 1801 t CO2 are saved within one year.*

Environmentally conscious behaviour is one of the key values within BOS AG.


BOS products deliver clean and sustainable energy making the use of diesel generators or other - often unreliable - conventional energy sources unnecessary. To get a better idea: One BOS Hybrid Storage System with 4 standard PV panels and an annual energy yield of about 3000 kWh can serve as a central hub bringing electricity to multiple households. It thereby fully replaces a diesel generator saving up to 3.9 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, there is no more need for kerosene or paraffin lamps for lighting purposes which positively impacts the health of many people by keeping them from breathing hazardous fumes.

*Calculation based on an average of 50 units of solar energy per day and an emission factor of 0,7kg CO2/kWh.


For BOS products, each packaging solution is created by using as less plastic as possible without compromising the quality nor safety of our products. By developing a customer-oriented recycling system, we aim to constantly improve the ecological impact of our product packaging.


While producing our core technology in-house, we purchase and deliver worldwide, generating emissions along the supply chain. Although the majority of our products is transported by container ships (with very few emissions per product), we are aware of the long distances our products travel before reaching our customers, thus significantly contributing to environmental pollution. In order to manage the international and complex supply chain most efficiently we try to keep transport distances short and thus reduce our ecological footprint - with the goal to produce mainly in Germany and Europe and work with local suppliers.

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