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BOS has implemented 5 projects within our strong partner network.

Get an overview of our interesting projects and see how BOS Systems are installed in real life.


Renewable Energy Project dena, India 

Year: 2017

Project: Smart DC Mini Grid electrifing rual village for basic electrification (light, fan, phone charging)

Partner: German Energy Agency (dena)

Country: India

Installed capacity:

- Total installed PV Pannels 9900 Wp

- Total installed storage capacity (Lithium + Lead acid): 21500 Wh

Products: SMART DC mini grid with HS500

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Health post project Zambia

Year: 2017-2018

Project: electrifing 4 health post in Zambia, for basic medical support. 

Partner: Differ, UNPD

Country: Zambia, Africa

Installed capacity:

- System one: HS 250 12V system 300 Wp 250 W, in total 328 Wh lithium (LiFePO4) + 1800 Wh lead acid

- System two: HS500, 24 V, 600Wp, in total 656 Wh Lithium + 3600 Wh lead acid storage.

Product: HS250, HS500 and DC mini Grid
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Rural Village electrification Liberia

Year: 2016 - 2018

Project: electrifing 5 communities in rural areas with basic power (light, fan, phone charging)

Partner: Mercy Corps

Country: Liberia

Product: Mini grid with HS500 and HS100

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AC Mini Grid Market places Nigeria

Project: electrifying Sabo Gari Market in Kano, Nigeria

Parnter: powerde by Rensource

Country: Nigeria, Kano

Installed capacity:

- 1.3 MW of standalone solar systems are implemented

-  4000 Stalls are connected

Product: HS2500, HS10000, Remote monitoring

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Hospital Honduras

Project: Electrifying new hospital in Honduras

Parnter: SEL

Country: Honduras

Installed capacity: 5120 Wh lithium capacity

Product: HS5000

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