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Intersolar/ EES Munich 2022

Intersolar/ EES Munich 2022 Recap: Today is the last day of the Intersolar/ EES in Munich. Over three days, more than 1,300 exhibitors presented innovations, but also tried and tested products. So did the BOS AG. Our international trade fair team answered visitors’ questions about energy storage, the functionality of our products and the work

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The LUX battery: Take a first look

Take a first look The Intersolar/EES is coming up and it is time for exciting news from the BOS AG. For a long time, we have waited to announce what we think is the future of energy storage, which makes it even better to share the news. Within the past few months, we have been

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Off Grid Expo: Education Mile

Off Grid Expo: Education Mile BOS AG as a part of the Education Mile 2021 at the OFF Grid Expo in Augsburg, Germany. Colleges and universities had the opportunity to present themselves at the OFF-GRID Expo in their own area, called the Education Mile. The University of Hohenheim, University of Applied Sciences Ulm (THU), University

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Podcast: GELADEN with Fabian Weber

Podcast: GELADEN with Fabian Weber BOS AG welcomes the podcast team of GELADEN in our headquarter in Neu-Ulm, Germany. GELADEN is a podcast about batteries, created and spoken by Patrick von Rosen and Daniel Messling. In the newest episode, published on 2th november is about stationary storage with the COO of BOS AG, Fabian Weber.

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How to extend your existing boat battery with lithium

How to extend your existing boat battery with lithium Connect a lithium to a lead-acid battery system? Yes, you can! LE300 Smart Battery System is full of innovative hybrid functions and allows you to add what you want while you keep what you have. Choosing between a lead-acid battery and a lithium system can be

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Orangutan Haven

Indonesia produced 42 mil metric ton of palm oil, the largest in the world. Nature is paying heavier price for this inexpensive vegetable fat, tropical forests in the region are being cleared for new palm oil plantations. This is destroying the natural habitat of orangutans and many other species. Babies of orangutans as pets are a status symbol in the region, for which the mothers are killed, and babies are snatched from them. In many other cases, while escaping, these mammals die from falling from the tall trees. In cases where they survive, the babies die a cruel death every day in captivity!

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