Benjamin Seckinger (Chief Executive Officer)

 Benjamin Seckinger

Benjamin Seckinger (CEO) worked as Head Operations Manager for fosera (Pico PV manufacturer) when he saw the potential of this hybrid battery technology and decided to found BOS-AG. Ben worked in Africa and Asia. Ben is also the founder of engineers without borders Ulm/Neu-Ulm and lead the organization for several years. During his career Ben received the VDI award (association of german engineers), the CDG award (association for promotion of sustainability) and the IHK award of the Swabian Economy. Ben completed a Master in Advanced Management with a focus on finance and controlling and a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Energy Systems, he is furthermore a trained mechatronic technician.


Prof. Peter Adelmann (Chairman of supervisory board)

Prof. Peter Adelmann has been active in PV since 1983. He is Professor for solar energy technology and has been teaching in Ulm since 1988. In 1990 he founded the solar department in Steca GmbH. In the year 2000 he founded Phocos AG and was its CEO until 2008. Since 2005 he has been a member of the IEC norming committee (WG3 – solar components). Since 2008 he is Senior Consultant of GIZ, Worldbank, BOSCH and other leading companies or donors. He is supervisory board chairperson of BOS AG.


Dr. Erik Sauar (Supervisory Board)

Dr. Eric Sauar is the former CTO of REC Solar AG and has extensive technical as well as management expertise in the solar industry. He has set up an efficient working pay as you go company in South Africa in the 1990ies. He has excellent contacts in the solar industry and is focusing on entering the African market with a pay as you go company again. Erik Sauar is in the supervisory board & one of the business angels in BOS AG with his investment group “Differ A.S.” (


Manfred Bächler (Supervisory Board)

Manfred Bächler is working in the fields of photovoltaic since more than 25 years. He accompanied as a CTO the growth of Phoenix Solar AG ( from a small start-up to a stock-listed company with more than 300 employees on 4 continents. Currently he is managing director of reniva GmbH and PerVorm. Manfred Bächler is in the supervisory board & one of the business angels in BOS AG.


Dirk Münch (Advisor)

Dirk Münch is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Persistent Energy Capital (PEC). PEC partners with businesses providing energy and other services to off-grid customers in sub-Saharan Africa. He has a background in investment banking amongst others as vice president for JP Morgan. He has been one of the first to recognize the transforming potential of PayG technology and one of the first investors in this sector. He is actively providing his experience in finance, marketing and business modelling to the management team of BOS AG. PEC is one of the investors in BOS AG.




Thomas Kündiger

Tom Kuendiger

Thomas Kündiger (CTM) has more than 10 years working experience in mechanical engineering, tool-making and as CAD consultant. He has a Bachelor in Energy Systems and a Master in Systems Engineering & Management. He has proven his engineering and product development capacity with filing two patents for the technology of BOS. He is an expert in mechanics, CAD, product development and energy efficiency. His engineering and systems integration talent was discovered early and he has been awarded the prestigious SBB scholarship funded by the ministry of education and research during his Bachelor course.


Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid is shareholder in BOS AG and holds a masters’s degree in mechatronics. He has several years of experience in electronic development and also practical field experience from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Liberia, working in the fields of DC grids, hydro power and solar systems. He works for BOS AG as engineer in the development of DC-grid components, hybrid charging regulators as well as in the field installation of prototypes.


Lars Rupp

Lars Rupp

Lars Rupp has around 10 years’ experience in quality control. He worked as electronic technician for BOSCH and conducted prototype and mass production QC tests. He is a hands on person and can do all kind of practical work. He has a finished bachelor’s degree in electronics and a master's degree in Systems Engineering & Management. He is working for BOS AG in quality control.


Veeresh Anehosur

Veeresh Anehosur has an electronics and IT background with a finished bachelor’s degree in electronics a finished master's degree in sustainable energy supply and practical experience in an Indian IT company. For BOS-AG he works as Business Development Manager with a focus on international markets.


André Schuhmacher

Andre Schuhmacher

André Schuhmacher is a trained mechatronic technician with focus in electronic engineering plus he has a diploma in engineer mechatronics with focus in development, construction and industrial design. Amongst others he got many years of experience in R&D departments with big companies like BOSCH. Due to his further training as a quality manager and external auditor he worked in quality management as a consultant for companies like ZEISS as well. For BOS-AG he works as a Chief Quality Manager by supervising the whole quality field.


Jaime Garcia

Jaime Garcia

Jaime Garcia completed his Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree in the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2014. Since then, he has worked in Chicago for 2 years in a Li-ion Battery Packs Engineering Company, gaining cross-functional experience in Quality Assurance, Process Engineering and Continuous Improvement. He has been working in BOS-AG since 2016. Currently he is working for the development, testing and improvement of the Solar Energy Storage Systems.


Markus Schwientek

Markus Schwientek

Markus Schwientek, native-born in Bonn, is trained in IT-System-Electronic technician and has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering. After his bachelor, he worked for Robert Bosch GmbH in Reutlingen and finished his Pre-Master program with Bosch eBike Systems. Building on that, together with Bosch he achieved his master in electric power systems & electromobility with focus in electrical engineering combined with energy storage and transformers. Among others he had intensive teaching at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research. Markus has experience as an engineer in the field of batteries and works for BOS-AG as an electronic developer since 2017.


Andreas Braun

Andreas Braun

Andreas Braun worked as an electronics technician for energy and building technology and had many years of experience in the field of building and solar installation. Thanks to his practicality he can do all different kind of practical work. Furthermore, he finished his bachelor studies in energy system technology and worked already during his practical semester with BOS AG in product planning and series tests. In his bachelor thesis, he developed an automatic series tests which is used in production for quality assurance of printed circuit boards. For BOS AG he works as a production engineer with focus on developing and producing prototypes


Jennifer Schmeil

Jennifer Schmeil has a Diploma in international business. She has been working in project management and sales for around 15 years for PAUL HARTMANN AG and BOSCH. In BOS AG she is working in the management team in strategic sales and marketing and supports the whole team in project management. She is also a shareholder of BOS AG.


Leesa Grieser

Leesa Komanapalli

Leesa Grieser has a Master in Advanced Management with focus in international sales and brand management and a Bachelor in social management. She got practical experience in a strategy consulting firm and a b2b firm in the USA. During her study, she worked with Engineers without borders and was project leader of an electrification project for an Indian school. For BOS-AG she works as a marketing manager.


Heidi Reichardt

Heidi Reichard

Heidi Reichardt has been working in accounting for more than 30 years. She was doing office, HR and accounting tasks in several companies and brings in valuable experiences and professionalism. She is hence responsible for accounting and HR and supports the COO as assistant in financial issues and day to day office work.