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By all accounts, 2017 was an extraordinarily eventful year. From new product launches to electrification projects, 2017 was full of excitement and learning!

We are very thankful to our partners for the very happening and eventful year and looking forward to a new year that brings new challenges and opportunities. A small glimpse of our journey of 2017!!

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Again, we have the pleasure of being part of this year’s Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017 from 27 to 29 September in Memmingen, Germany.
Meet us there as one of the exhibitors, get to know innovative technologies, learn how to use the products and meet experts from all over the world.

Switch on Off-Grid. We are looking forward to meeting you.





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We are delighted to announce you our participation at REI exhibition, which takes place at the India Expo Center, Greater Noida, India from 20 to 22 September 2017.

REI is a leading international exhibition for renewable energy products with more than 600 exhibitors.

Very excited to welcome you all at Booth no 10.246 with our Indian partner Karmasukom Energy LLP.

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On 6th June 2017, a smart DC mini grid was successfully inaugurated within the framework of the dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme. Sarvantara, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India has been equipped with a DC mini grid containing hybrid storage systems powered by photovoltaic panels. The first 30 households are now connected to the grid and provided with sustainable energy. The project is implemented by BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG (BOS AG) and has been installed together with local partner Oorja Development Solutions Ltd (Oorja). The whole project is coordinated by the German Energy Agency (dena) and co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

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Our new additional offices are ready in Neu-Ulm.

Our R&D department and a part of our operational management team recently moved into our new branch and are happy about more space in office and workshop.

In future, you find our new branch in the Böttgerstr. 2/2, 89231 Neu-Ulm or by phone at (+49) 731 72544107.

We are thrilled about the new office rooms and looking forward to the new ideas and developments which will be created there for you.


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We are glad to annouce the official start of a mini grid project in India. Contracts have been signed with our local partner Oorja Development Solutions and the supporting german energy agency DENA! The project will be implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh connecting 110 households in first phase, using our innovative hybrid battery technology at the energy hubs and our smart DC meters at the households. To increase the agricultural productivity, two irrigation pumps would also be connected to the mini-grid and additional smaller productive use loads. The project is expected to be up and running by April 2017.


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Our CEO Benjamin was awarded with the university award of the chamber of commerce for his master thesis, which in fact was about the business plan of BOS AG! This business plan applies in a unique way the methodology of value proposition design on business plans. It focusses on high-tech start-ups and on the needs, pains and gains of potential investors. Congratulations!


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Yesterday a full container load of our HS100 hybrid battery systems was packed and shipped out to our partner Rensource in Nigeria.

It is very exciting that volume sales are picking up, we are looking forward to regular container shipments.

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Our partner Rensource is now offering a great solar home system bundle, which will boost energy service availability in Nigeria to a new level! It comes with several LED lights, 2 big DC standing fans, a 32" TV and a 90l fridge. All appliances run on DC, are very efficient and high performing. And so is the unique lithium & lead acid battery storage solution! The system can also be recharged from grid and can also feature a high efficent inverter to power AC appliances. Payment plans are available through Rensource as well. If you are sick of unreliable energy access from grid and of noisy gensets, get in touch with Rensource.

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For the following semester we are looking for students who would like to either do an internship or write their thesis (Bachelor/Master) in our R&D department. Please check the download of the job description for details. We are looking forward to your application. 

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Our LE300 backpack lithium battery was nominated as finalist for the ees AWARD 2016. The product will be launched at this years Intersolar in Munich, lasting from June 22nd to June 24th. The ees AWARD honors innovative products and solutions for electrical energy storage.

The LE300 lithium batteries are a fully scalable solution to enhance performance and add capacity to lead acid batteries in solar and any other kind of energy storage systems. Like in all BOS AG Hybrid battery systems the lithium battery takes most of the charging cycles while the lead acid battery provides inexpensive backup capacity which is fully charged frequently. This helps to increase the lead acid battery life. The system recognizes the lead acid battery voltage and automatically starts to support the lead acid battery with a maximum current of 10A per unit. Bigger loads get supplied by the lead acid and the lithium battery in parallel, resulting in smaller currents for each battery.

The LE300 will have the following key characteristics: 

  • Flexible capacities by simply connecting several packs
  • State of the art LiFePO4 batteries
  • Retrofitting & extension of already installed systems without change in wiring or other components
  • No additional controller needed, simply connect directly to the lead acid batteries
  • Lead acid battery is charged with higher priority, lithium battery is discharged first
  • Lithium performance and lead acid cost advantages are combined

We look forward to the Awards finals and will keep you posted on our new product launch.

%AM, %16 %041 %2016 %00:%Apr

Our HS100 solar storage system is powering all AC devices in a living room off-grid from solar energy, including a 42" TV, a soundsystem, a telephone, a WiFi router, smart phone charging and even a NAS (network attached storage). The capacity of the lithium battery is sufficient to last for an average day, and the connected lead acid battery gives the system 2 additonal days of autonomy (giving a total of 3 autinomy days). Here the system details: 2x130Wp PV panels, 1x HS100 with 328Wh lithium capacity included, 1x 100Ah lead acid battery, 300W inverter.